The older I get the, the more news I read, the more people I’m exposed to I’ve discovered that I’m

more curious

more accepting


I’m starting to re-evaluate.

Re-think what I previously believed

Doing my own research

Forming my own opinions instead of just agreeing with someone else


It’s eye-opening

I’ve been naïve

I’ll freely admit that


I’ve never lived a hard life

I’ve been blessed

I’ve worked hard

I’ve gotten lucky


Life is not cut & dry

Things are simply not black and white – I’ve previously thought this way.


Issues I’ve previously been against… maybe I’m changing my way of thinking.

I think I’ve always been compassionate – but only to a certain degree

maybe my compassion is taking a different route

time will tell


I’ve been blessed

I’m fortunate

I’ve worked hard

but I’ve also been lucky



2 thoughts on “re-evaluating

  1. I completely agree, Jena. The older I get, the more I see the world in shades of gray. Few people are all good or all bad, most of us live in the vast space in between.

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