I had, I mean, I hijacked an idea.

Earlier today I was reading The Shu Box; Sarah mentions having a morning writing session every day.

I really like this idea. I love writing, but often times I feel like I have nothing substantial to say, so I just skip it all together.

Being pregnant brings on a lot of changes.. It brings on a lot of things, really.

Maybe I’ll try a writing session every morning, whether it’s just how I felt the previous day, or about something I did; a conversation I had. Anything really.

My me time is limited. Approximately 113 more days, 16 more weeks.. That’s not very long, when you really think about it.

I’m one of those weirdos that gets up way earlier than I need to. For example: This morning Chris’ alarm went off at 5:15. He got up ate breakfast, then came back into the bedroom to get his boots. I also got up, made coffee & his lunch.

I definitely do not need to get up at 5:30 to be at work at 9. But I like to mosey around the house, drink my coffee slowly, read blogs, eat breakfast, take the dogs out 10 million times. Basically, I hate rushing. I need time to wake up, and get going.

My Husband, on the other hand, likes to wait until the VERY LAST second to get up and get ready. It drives me bananas!

I will attempt this writing project during my morning time, after Chris leaves, so that I can maximize the amount of time we have together in the mornings, and not take up any time after work.

It is a weird feeling to know that you only have so many more days until your lives change forever. Very surreal. I’m sure it will get even crazier the closer it gets, and then after she is here.. but it’s just strange. It’s strange to walk past her bedroom and see a crib. What in the world!?

So, there ya have it. My random thoughts for the day.



2 thoughts on “I had, I mean, I hijacked an idea.

  1. Morning writing sounds good to me! I admire your commitment to being up early when you don’t have to. Sounds like you are preparing yourself well for the upcoming changes in your life.

    • Ugh, I’ve been “preparing” since I was about 6 weeks. Insomnia smacked me square in the face; Now I sleep OK, but not great. Wake up a lot, a lot of turning over, trying to get comfortable.

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