Life lately

Happy Labor Day!

I hope this post finds you lounging on your couch, or in a pool, or somewhere that is not work.

We are blessed to have the day off, so we are just lounging around doing nothing. Well, I’m doing nothing. Chris is downstairs sweating to death while he paints his boat. His choice, not mine.

We just got home from a pretty uneventful 2 mile walk. The highlight of our walk was every time we walked past a particular house, a dog would be in the window barking at us; except the last time we passed… He was probably getting into something else. Like chewing the baseboard off the wall. Oh, only my dogs do that? Hmph.


So, life lately… It’s pretty normal around here. Chris was home last week, so that was nice. We got to eat dinner together every night, except one night, where I ate cereal.

I got my hair cut…..again. I swear I’m really low key when it comes to my hair; but the last hair cut I got (4+wks ago) was a total nightmare. The girl did a total hack job on my head. It is hard to tell in the pictures you see; mostly because you only ever see the side or the front, but if you were to really look at it, you’d be horrified. Trust me on that one.

I went to see my Aunt who has been cutting hair for longer than I’ve been alive, and who also has short hair – I had my fingers {and toes} crossed that she would fix this mess and leave me with some hair. She actually commented on how terrible the previous cut was. it was bad.


There were warning signs that this was going to turn out badly:

1. hairdresser says she’s hung over
2. she makes a comment that she hates cutting around ears..
3. girl who was mad at hair dresser came into salon while I was there and proceeded to smack talk.

In hind sight… I should have… done what? left? rescheduled? I don’t know. I definitely won’t be going back.

Sunrise on Thursday morning

In other Life Lately news, I’m drowning in all things baby.. I can’t stop looking at ETSY !! SO MUCH STUFF! We got the nursery painted last weekend, and put her furniture in; Now we just need to put up some pictures, and get the rocking chair finished.

Speaking of rocking chair; I got this rocking chair from my Grandma last year when I went to NC to bring her & my grandpa home. It is in desperate need of new cushions. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect cushions that will match the nursery. Rocking chair cushions are expensive !!!

Chris has decided that I can probably make my own cushions.. heh. He says, “We built our house (sort of), we are building a boat, I’m sure you can figure out how to make some rocking chair cushions.”    Yeah, we’ll see.

Here are a few things I’m looking at for her nursery:

Etsy shop: Rizzle & Rugee

Etsy Shop: Rizzle & Rugee

Etsy Shop: Beach Basket

Etsy Shop: Rizzle & Rugee

Obviously we have a beach/nautical theme going on. Would you expect anything else out of me? It took me a ridiculously long time to figure out what colors I wanted go to with, and what kind of beachy theme to go with. It’s kind of silly since Baby P really won’t care at all. The decorative aspect of the nursery is definitely more for the parents than for the baby. Oh well, it’s fun.


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