A pregnancy update: 21 weeks

I scrolled through the blog and it looks like it’s been a while since I did a pregnancy update; (like 10ish weeks)  so, I will do one today. Lucky you.

weekly progression

I’m great at taking pictures, I’m terrible at labeling them so I know how far along I actually am. I’m only sure about the 19 & 20 weeks pictures. The 14 & 17 are guesses…. bad first time mom, bad.


I am technically 21 weeks & 2 days – We had our anatomy scan a few weeks ago and she was measuring a few days ahead. According to that we are 21 weeks & 6 days. I really don’t think those few days matter all that much. She’s still due the end of December, beginning of January.

The 2nd trimester has been good to me, thus far. You enter the 2nd tri at 14 weeks, and the 3rd tri at 26-27weeks. I’m definitely feeling a lot better; haven’t had any nausea for 10ish weeks.

I don’t have any food aversions, that I can think of. I’m back to cooking regular meals, and eating veggies & fruit. I went way to long with out any kind of fruit & veggies in my diet.

My daily food usually consists of:
7am: breakfast (bagel or oatmea & COFFEE)
9am: snack (greek yogurt or uncrustable – don’t judge me)
11-12: lunch (leftovers or some kind of soup from the grocery store)
1-3: multiple snacks (more yogurt, babybel cheese, fruit)
4-5: more snacks (crackers, banana)
6ish: dinner

I’m currently up 12lbs, and feeling okay with that. This morning I was wondering how much weight I’ve actually gained vs. how much of my muscle has turned into mush? I don’t know what my body fat was prior to getting pregnant, so I don’t have any way of figuring out how much weight I’ve actually gained. It doesn’t matter, it was just something I was thinking about.

I’m not working out at all. Mostly just because I’m lazy, partly bc it rains every freaking day after work. Yes, I have a gym membership; I also have a treadmill & stationary bike in my garage… so I really have no excuse other than I just don’t feel like it.

21 weeks _2

thursday mornin’ & this mornin’

I started feeling Baby P moving around last weekend. I felt a few kicks and I wasn’t 100% sure what it was – but the thumping continued so I decided it was definitely her. I don’t feel her all that regularly, like today, she is being stubborn. She won’t let her Daddy feel her kick – she’s been laying low since yesterday when Chris got home.

We bought her crib & dresser a few weeks ago; got a stellar deal from Burlington Coat Factory. They have a surprisingly large collection of baby things. They had several cribs, infant seats, and strollers. I was really surprised at everything they had – and all for pretty decent prices.

Today we are painting her nursery. Don’t worry, I wore a super awesome mask.


annnnnnd I’ll leave you with that awesome picture. Gotta get cleaned up for dinner tonight. We are headed to Orlando to eat dinner with my family for my Mom & Step-Dad’s birthdays at Buca di Beppo.

At the rate I’m going the next time you see a pregnancy update from me, I’ll be in my 3rd tri and just a few weeks away from meeting Baby P.

You can follow me on instagram at Lifeisbeachykeen for picture updates.





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