We bought a car..again

From the instant I found out I was pregnant, I knew my 350Z would have to go. A 2 door, 2 seat car would just never work with a baby. (It barely works without a baby)


Our plan was to list the Z for sale on craigslist & auto trader – We thought that selling it private party would get us closer to what we owed vs. trading it in. Typically, you can sell your car private party for more than a dealer would give you for trade in.

Unfortunately for us, I think there is a small market for the 350Z; we got very few calls on my car. We felt it was priced fairly based on research, and other listings that we found.

The longer it was for sale, without any calls, the more anxious I became about being able to get rid of it before baby comes.

We considered becoming a 1 car family; I would drive Chris’ truck. He has a work issued truck so we didn’t need a vehicle for him to get back and forth to work. After lots of talking, and thinking we decided this wasn’t really feasible so we opted to start researching a 4dr sedan for me.

I started researching safety ratings, and reviews on all the cars I was interested in:

Nissan Altima: great mpg, great safety; don’t like the interior, not comfy on long car rides
Ford Fusion: good safety ratings, but felt a little small
Ford Edge: low mpg; a little more pricey than we wanted
Toyota Camry: low safety ratings- boring interior
Mazda 6: great safety ratings, nice interior, decent mpg (great price tag)
Mazda CX-7: great safety ratings, nice interior, low mpg, high price tag

I used Edmunds, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Kelley Blue Book & Auto trader to check out all the cars.

We test drove all of the above cars, except the Camry. It didn’t get great crash ratings, and Toyota never seems to upgrade their interior; so we crossed it off the list pretty quickly. The Fusion was sporty, and a great car, but it just felt a little to compact for what we were looking for.

The Altima is a great car; My sister drives one and that thing gets stellar gas mileage. However, I don’t care for the interior, and it wasn’t a super comfortable ride when we took it to NC a few months ago. I’ve never been interested in Mazda before, never even looked at them, but when I was searching for 4 door sedans the Mazda 3 & 6 popped up at a decent price. We crossed the Mazda 3 off almost immediately because it’s a pretty small 4 door car (in my opinion). We drove the Mazda 6 and I liked it well enough. I can’t say I was “OMG IN LOVE” with it. I’m still adjusting to the fact that I have to give up my 2dr coupes, and move into a 4 door car.

Ford Edge & Mazda CX7 : both are crossover SUVs. Both were really nice, and spacious. I liked them both, and had my budget been a little more I might have went for the CX7. The gas mileage also scared me off. I feel like I NEED to have good gas mileage – even though my commute is 24 miles round trip.. That’s, like, nothing. But, MPG was still a deciding factor so we opted to stick with the car.

We had no intention of buying when we went to the dealership. Remember, we still needed to sell my 350Z. We mainly went to look at & test drive the Mazda 6.. Well, if you know me (and you know the story behind the Z AND the F150) you knot that things NEVER go like we plan.

Long story short; The dealership ended up offering exactly what we had my car listed for on auto trader, then, due to a screw up at their corporate office, we ended up getting the Mazda 6 for cheaper than they wanted to sell it to us for.  (Thank you internet pricing and smart phones!)

After a lot of hemming & hawing, and anxiety we decided we should take the deal… after another hour or so we were the proud owners of a new-to-us 2010 Mazda 6.

Fun fact about me: I can’t drive without tinted windows. I mean, I can.. but I don’t prefer it.  It creeps me out knowing that people can just look right in your car and see everything. Nope. Had to get those babies tinted ASAP. Worth every penny!

It is a big weight off my shoulders to know that the Z is gone and that we have a car that baby can safely ride in. Plus, our insurance went down and the car payment is about $90/mth less than the payment on the Z. Winning!

AND ALSO, I don’t know if this is a Florida thing or if all states honor this but; We had an extended service contract, theft protection & tire warranty on the Z… Since we traded the car in before it was paid off, we got a refund on what was left of the contracts. Our warranties were for 5yr OR 60k miles. We had the car 15 months, and put 20k miles on it. So we got 2/3 of what we paid for the contracts  back from the dealership we bought the Z from. That was AWESOME (and a really simple process).


4 thoughts on “We bought a car..again

  1. So happy this all worked out well for you! The Mazda is a pretty car. Enjoy. 🙂 (Though I’m sure you’ll still miss your zippy 2-door a bit.)

    • I definitely miss the zip of the Z. My Z was a manual transmission; On monday I tried to put my car in first gear and put it in park; bout threw myself through the windshield. fail.

  2. Oooh…new cars are fun. Picking out a new car, is not so much fun. I’m with you on the tint – Chris’s car is tinted darker than mine and even his isn’t as dark as it could be. The tint laws in WI are lighter then CO.

    • Tint Laws, what tint laws?? I’m jk.. There are tint laws here as well…… ……. I’ve actually gotten pulled over for tint before; like 4 cars ago I drove a mustang and the strip on the windshield was really low. They said that’s why they pulled me over – In reality I think they thought I was someone else (there was an identical car to mine that ran around in the same area) so when they realized i wasn’t who they thought, they had to come up with something.. No ticket, just told me my tint was illegal.

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