Thursday dump

The word dump just makes me giggle. I know, so immature. I can’t help it.

Lucky for you, I’m just talking about a phone dump for today’s post. If you follow me on instagram, you’ve probably seen some of these pictures. I’ll try to post mainly pictures that I haven’t posted on IG already.

lucky kid
Isn’t our kid lucky?

Chris’ funny attempt at reminding me to turn off my flat iron. For some reason it doesn’t have an automatic shut off, so if I forget to turn it off, it stays on all day. Chris wrote this note and stuck it on the mirror in the guest bathroom where I straighten my hair. It still makes me laugh re-reading it.  and LOL at “electrical hygiene items” this guy kills me.

“The Boat”  it’s just about ready for paint. Chris has been working non-stop on this project. Once it’s painted he’ll flip it over on the trailer and start working on the inside (I think).  FYI: The Boat is 17ft long.. it’s a big project.

to tight
ugh. Clothes that are looking …ridiculous.  Another scrub top bites the dust.  … and I’m not even sure what to say about that ridiculous gym outfit. Obviously I need to figure something else out; I have capris but it’s to darn hot for capris…

I went for a long walk on Saturday; Chris got worried and came looking for me. awwww, sweet. (My car is for sale…)


My 2nd favorite lazy night dinner



Man she really needs a haircut!



My niece & nephew making cupcakes from scratch. I hear they turned out pretty tasty!


My Boo with the finished product! She even made the icing from scratch.


Happy Thursday! Are you looking forward to anything special this weekend?

I’m headed to Orlando w/ my sister & friends for a pregnant lady expo .. woohoo!


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