Staying fit during pregnancy, something I know nothing about

 Y’all, I never in a zillion years thought I would be so lazy during my pregnancy. I never really imagined myself pregnant, but if I were to be pregnant, I never thought I would eat ALL THE THINGS and do NO exercise. What has happened.. Pregnancy. That’s what happened. (It’s not all rainbows & butterflies, and whoever tells you it.. IS LYING).

I know I said previously that every post wouldn’t be about pregnancy, and it won’t.. maybe every other? But also, don’t get mad if I happen to mention being pregnant in every post. I can’t help it. It’s a big freakin’ deal, and it’s pretty much all consuming. {almost} Everything in my life revolves around being pregnant.

Oh, you want to eat sushi, Jena? to bad. You’re pregnant.
You had a ridiculous week, and would like some wine? Nope, you’re pregnant.
Those jeans are cute aren’t they? HAHAHAHAHA … You’re pregnant.

See, clothes, food, and drinking. What else is there in life? They are all dictated by the fact that I am …….pregnant. So I apologize if I get annoying; I doubt it will get much better.. and it will probably get even worse come December/January or whenever this kid decides to arrive..

WOW.. moving on from that tangent.

At my very first appointment my OB told me that I could continue to do whatever work out regimen I was currently doing. SWEET! ….. except I didn’t. I was exhausted and felt like crap for the first few weeks and by then laziness had taken over in grand fashion.

Every week I say, “OKAY, THIS is the week I will get back to the gym.”

But let me be real honest: I’m embarrassed. I’ve been out of the gym since…. well, a long damn time. Like 10 weeks at this point…fa’real.

I swear when I scan my card the next time I go in there a big alarm will go off that says, “This lazy ass hasn’t been here since May.” In which case I will curl up and die, RIGHT THERE.

That is the real reason why I haven’t been back to the gym yet. Pure embarrassment. Plus, I just look fat. I don’t even look pregnant. Maybe once I look pregnant I can show my face again. That is dumb, right?

It is, but it’s true.

Saturday morning, after breakfast, and after dilly dallying around for far to long, I put on some non-pajamas and went for a walk. I set a goal of walking down every street behind my house, which Is just over three miles.

I put on my HRM & my polar watch, grabbed a water bottle & my phone and set out on my walk. I tried to keep up a quick pace but without having my garmin on, I had no idea what pace I was walking. My HR stayed around 126, which seemed okay.

The most important thing, for me, is that I went out and got a little bit of exercise. It feels so silly to even feel that way – I was active before, and I just…quit.


Mayo Clinic says you should stay, or become active for these reasons,

“During pregnancy, exercise can:

  • Ease or prevent back pain and other discomforts
  • Boost your mood and energy levels
  • Help you sleep better
  • Prevent excess weight gain
  • Increase stamina and muscle strength

Exercise during pregnancy might also reduce the risk of gestational diabetes and pregnancy-related high blood pressure, as well as lessen the symptoms of postpartum depression. In addition, it might reduce the risk that your baby is born significantly larger than average (fetal macrosomia).”


Mayo clinic has some guidelines for exercise based on your previous fitness level; I could probably do more than just walk, but at this point, that’s all I want to do. Something is better than nothing, I think.

“For most pregnant women, at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise is recommended on most, if not all, days of the week.

Walking is a great exercise for beginners. It provides moderate aerobic conditioning with minimal stress on your joints. Other good choices include swimming, low-impact aerobics and cycling on a stationary bike. Strength training is OK, too, as long as you avoid lifting very heavy weights.

Remember to warm up and cool down. Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated, and be careful to avoid overheating. In general, you should be able to carry on a conversation while you’re exercising. If you can’t speak normally while you’re working out, you’re probably pushing yourself too hard.

Depending on your fitness level, consider these guidelines:

  • You haven’t exercised for a while. Begin with as little as five minutes of physical activity a day. Build up to 10 minutes, 15 minutes, and so on, until you reach at least 30 minutes a day.
  • You exercised before pregnancy. You can probably continue to work out at the same level while you’re pregnant — as long as you’re feeling comfortable and your health care provider says it’s OK.”


More resources:
Prenatal yoga


Obviously you should talk to your OB about what types of exercises, if any, are okay for you during your pregnancy.


5 thoughts on “Staying fit during pregnancy, something I know nothing about

  1. I don’t know a damn thing about being pregnant, but you should think about getting one of those “baby + me” workout tanks that the pregnant HLB’ers are always showing off online and wear it to the gym a few times. Then you’ll be able to non-verbally explain why you look “fat” (because you do NOT look fat, but I know exactly what you’re feeling…minus the baby part) but not specifically pregnant yet.

    I like to think that if I (or we, how to you properly say that?!) get pregnant I’ll stay active. But seriously?! If I get a head cold I wimp out of workouts. I’m probably completely screwed if I have a growing baby to blame my laziness on!

    • Good Idea! I’m going to look for one of those tanks and i’ll make my debut back to the gym in that! What a great plan, thanks Heidi!

  2. Being pregnant is obviously a major change & event in your life right now — no need to apologize for bringing it up on your blog! I like Heidi’s idea about the tank. Good thinking!

    • thanks for your support 🙂 I know it’s a big event, but some people get annoyed when a blogger changes from one type of blog to a completely different type of blog. I know kids aren’t for everyone, and not everyone is in this stage of their life, so I don’t want to run anyone off by becoming THAT annoying person that never talks about anything else but being pregnant 🙂

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