Meal Plan for July 15-19 & other randoms

Meal planning is more cost effective, but I’m finding it very challenging. Maybe it’s because some foods just don’t sound very good, or I’m just out of cooking practice, but I sat around for way to long on Sunday morning trying to figure out what I was going to make for the rest of the week.

I only came up with 4 meals, so this means I’ll end up having to go back to the grocery store sometime this week, which is what I’m trying to avoid. Multiple trips to the store = spending more money.. and with a baby on the way, I’m trying to be more cautious of what we spend.

Nothing exciting, and all that healthy, but that’s what we’re having.

I also went grocery shopping on Sunday, and I thought I would share my list w/ prices. I’m always fascinated by the cost of living in other places (I’ve never lived anywhere but central Florida).

whole wheat bread (2 loaves)    $3.49 (BOGO)
baby bel cheese                            $3.00
eggs 12XL                                     $2.99
baby carrots 16oz                       $1.50
case bottle water                         $4.49
fresh shrimp 1lb                          $8.07
bag of peppers                             $3.99
asparagus                                      $2.93
fajita mix                                      $2.50
chicken pot pie box(4)              $7.99
romaine lettuce (bag)               $3.99
mexicorn (2)                               .89/ea
lime                                              .25
plain Fage                                  $1.20
avocado                                      $1.50
nekot cookies                           $3.09    (chris takes these in his lunch)
black beans                              $.69
tomato sauce                           $.69
cheddar cheese(block)          $3.29
red grapes (1.77lb)               $3.52
ground beef x2                      $4.89 & $4.80
Total                                       77.01


We recently upgraded our cable to the larger channel package and while I can usually find something to watch, it’s annoying to pay so much money for something and still struggle to find something to watch.

Shows I’m currently addicted to:

Dog & Beth: On the Hunt
Swamp People
Duck Dynasty
Flats Class (fishing show)
Deadliest Catch
Rizzoli & Isles

Books I’m reading:

None; any recommendations? I have a few pregnancy related books on my amazon wish list..


What is your go-to meal for lazy days or when you’re feeling uninspired?


2 thoughts on “Meal Plan for July 15-19 & other randoms

  1. Sounds ambitious to me! Your limes are so cheap (makes sense) but ground beef is expensive. Now I’m wondering what your milk costs…?

    Go to meal? It seems like we’re always trying up whatever meat & veggies are around and making tacos, burritos, or fajitas. Otherwise I like to scramble up eggs with cheese & sautéed veggies.

    • I think the limes were on sale, 4/1$ .. and the ground beef.. ugh, yes. It’s expensive. I think milk is around 3.59/gallon…which is expensive, but i guess not compared to some places.

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