North Carolina, part 2 (picture heavy)




Much to their dismay, we stopped at every state to take pictures with the Welcome to _____ sign. Each States Welcome Center has one, just in case you wanted to torture your kids to!

After a few detours, and lots of rain storms, we finally made it up the mountain to my Grandparent’s cabin.



We had a small break in the rain on Thursday afternoon so we decided to take the kids for a walk down by the creek – not in the creek, although that was something we wanted to do – It just couldn’t be done because of all the rain.
(water boots are required)

walk creek 1

top L : Katie checkin’ out where the trail used to be.
top R: Stacey, Kailyn, & Carly wading through the overflowing creek/trail.
bottom L: Katie deciding whether or not to jump
bottom R: walking back towards the cabin


After our walk, we headed towards Valle Crucis for a visit to The Mast General Store & The Candy Barrel.

(Not my picture)

mast collage1

When we were kids we used to spend Memorial Day Weekend at the cabin – every trip included a visit to The Mast General Store & to The Candy Barrel. I have so many memories of these visits, I hope the kids were able to create a few of their own.

On Friday we had a break in the rain so we decided to head over towards Blowing Rock. We took the Blue Ridge Parkway, but it was so cloudy & rainy along the drive that we couldn’t see much.

We spent a little time walking around Blowing Rock, but the kids don’t love to shop, so We headed back towards the cabin and decided to take the Blue Ridge back since the sun had come out.




After some discussion between me & Stacey, we decided that we would leave NC on Friday afternoon, and head home. It wasn’t ideal, but the weather wasn’t ideal, and the rain killed the remaining plans that we had made.

In addition to that, we were tired; we are both pregnant – combine that we a lot of driving, and trying to entertain two kids… exhaustion. We decided we would head back towards Florida, stop about half way, and then finish the drive on Saturday.
It stunk to have to leave the cabin early, but I think it worked out for the best. Instead of driving home today, we were able to rest and relax before heading back to work tomorrow.

Thanks to all the traveling Chris did we had some hotel points saved up so we were able to get a room near the river in Savannah for our drive home. We got to the hotel around midnight and were a little taken aback by all the people that were still out wandering around.

Neither of us had ever been to Savannah before so I had no idea that being so close to the river would also mean that we were very close to lots of bars and people floating around all night.

Thankfully our room was dark and quiet and we were able to get a little bit of sleep despite being so close to all the action.


sav ga

We left Savannah around 10:30 and headed south. The drive seemed to last forever, but in reality, it was only about 5 hours from Savannah to my Sister’s house, then I had another hour drive home from there.



One thought on “North Carolina, part 2 (picture heavy)

  1. In spite of all your weather woes you still made it! What a sweet cabin too. Sounds like a fun, slightly exhausting time. 😉 I’m sure your sis was glad to have you as co-pilot!!

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