We packed up my sister’s car on Wednesday afternoon & headed towards North Carolina.

My Grandparents have a cabin in Avery County, NC and as kids we spent many Memorial Day weekend’s playing in the creek that runs through their property and running around exploring.

A few months ago one of my cousins mentioned getting together at the cabin for the 4th of July holiday weekend. Last time I was at the cabin I was there for less than 24 hours so I was excited to get to spend some time up at the cabin.

My sister and I decided to cut the drive into two days since we couldn’t leave until around lunch time. It’s about 10.5 hours, which isn’t super long, but 2 kids & 2 pregnant women didn’t sound fin for 10.5 hours.

We found a place in Columbia, SC ; we booked the room and that was that. We were headed to the mountains.

The drive up was pretty uneventful. We hit a few big storms and one bad patch of traffic but besides that it was incident free.


I checked into the hotel & when I came back out to the car my sister was on the phone laughing hysterically.

….because sometimes all you can do is laugh.

We found out that there was a flood warning for Avery County… I guess my Grandma thought there was a pretty good chances the bridges would flood and we would be unable to get to the cabin.

After some more laughing, a couple hundred texts and a few phone calls we had a back up plan. Thankfully one of the cousins that is meeting us at the cabin lives in NC.. they found a place for us to crash if we needed to.

Fast forward to this morning: we get a text that it didn’t flood and that we should be able.to get to the cabin.

We headed to cracker barrel for breakfast and discussed what we should do…

I’m writing this post from my sisters car as we head towards the cabin.

I guess we’ll see what happens.

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