I’d lose my head if it wasn’t attached


My brain has gone MIA this week! It’s only Tuesday and TWICE I have gone in somewhere and forgotten to take my wallet.

Monday I went to Publix for a few things and didn’t realize I didn’t have my wallet until after the cashier had started ringing up my stuff. (thank goodness this isn’t the publix I usually shop at). I went out to my car, NO WALLET! I left it at my office. gah. Thankfully the customer service guy at Publix let my sister text me her debit card number and he manually entered it.. Oh my gosh, I was seriously SO embarrassed. My face was 12 shades of red and on fire!

THEN, today, I had to send something out in the mail certified, so I’m in line, (next up) and I realize I don’t have my wallet. OH-MY-LANTA! What is happening here! So I go out and get it, come back in, and the senior citizen bus must have let off while I was at my car because I was way back in line and lots of old people in front of me.

I need this Vera Bradley keychain wallet thing. One of my FB friends, Emily, suggested this. My only problem is, I don’t drive my car every day – I sometimes drive the truck, so I’d have to switch it back and forth, or carry two sets of keys around, which I guess I do anyways since my work keys are on my car keys.  The other problem is, will it be dangling to low and bother me while I’m driving?

Work has been SLAM PACKED lately, which I think is leading to my forgetfulness. I have so many thoughts whirling around in my head I don’t even know where to begin. I am the only person in my office, no co-workers, so it gets hectic sometimes. I’m currently trying to add a provider to the practice, which means credentialing with 30+ insurances (ah!). We are also moving our electronic medical records from one company to another (which we haven’t chosen yet) AND, I do all the billing for the practice. My Dr. has been on call for the last 2 weeks so that is a lot of patients. I feel like I’ll never catch up..  Oh, and today a patient basically told me that I was ruining their life… all in a days work, yo

So, moving on to something a little less chaotic, and less dramatic.

On Sunday we met up with Jenny & her Husbter, Mike, for a little beach action! We headed down to Ft. Desoto, but made a quick plan change when we saw the traffic to get to the beach was way backed up.

We pulled off the side of the road to a little beachy area and hung out there for the majority of the day. It was a SUPER nice day – not to hot, and a slight breeze! it was amazing!

The only bad part about our beachy area was when the tide came up, we got wet. We drove Chris’ truck, so it wasn’t a big deal, but let me tell you about the Jaguar that nearly drowned. .. SOMEONE thought it would be a good idea to drive their Jaguar to this area, and park it, AND THEN LEAVE for the entire day. Oh my gosh, when we left, the tide was up to the tires and the waves were slapping the underside of the car. (I should have taken a picture)

beach collage apr 13


2 thoughts on “I’d lose my head if it wasn’t attached

  1. I’ve totally been that person who forgot their wallet. Thankfully the people at Trader Joes know me and let me drive home to get my wallet(I live 2 blocks away). I’m very jealous of your beach days!

  2. I’ve “lost” my wallet a few times. I have a little one – about the size of that keychain one but fatter. Lately I’ve been really good about making sure I have it. Keys, phone, wallet. I forget all kinds of other stuff though – just ask Chris how many times I have to go back in the house before we go anyway…

    Bet the person with the Jaguar felt like a complete tool – at least you didn’t forget about your car and the tide! 😉

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