some of this, some of that

Two cheers for Friday!!

Hip hip hooooray!

Today will be filled with house cleaning & studying.. I really need to spend some quality time with my study books, so today is THE day.

side note: I was going to write this post in pink, but I changed my mind. You’re welcome.


Sooo, how’s it going?

This week has been a fairly good week around here. Chris was out of town Tuesday – Thursday (he’s home now, creepers) so that wasn’t much fun, but I survived. I didn’t make it to the gym very often, BUT, I did try out a spin class (or two).

There is a new-to-me spin studio in the town next to mine, and I’ve been seeing the sign for a while now, but could never work up the courage to actually sign up for a class. Group classes totally freak me out; I’m super awkward, and pretty shy. Signing up for a class was WAY outside my comfort zone, it actually took me the entire day to sign up for it. I opened the web page several times, but then closed it bc I couldn’t commit. “What if I hated it?” “What if it was to hard?” “What if the people were mean?” 

Seriously. How old am i? I’m pushing 30, but act like I’m 12.

Speaking of pushing 30 – every time I say something to Chris like, “my neck STILL hurts from the other day” or “I didn’t sleep at all last night.”  He says, “Welcome to your 30’s.”

HOLD UP, I’m only 28 here, and I  only turned 28 in December, I still have a good 20 months before I’m 30.. He’s trying to age me way to quickly.

Anyways, so I went to the class, and I liked it.. so much that I went to another class the next day. The first class was at the studio, the second class was at my gym. The studio class was a beginners class, the gym class… NOT so much. Holy spin bike jumps! Who even knew you could do “jumps” on a spin bikes.

My poor, poor, tailbone. I always have some tailbone soreness… my car is a tailbone murderer..  the combination of spin class + my car is going to kill me.


and now…… a few random things::::

your wife knows billboard

I saw this gem of a billboard on my drive to work on Monday… apparently there are 3 more of the same sign south of this one, and I saw at least one more north of this one… Scorned wife? or advertisement? I have no clue. I’ve used all my google detective skillzzz and I can’t find anything about this billboard. I laugh every time I drive past it… There are some scared husbands running around town right now..

sibling day1

Wednesday was “National Siblings Day” ….  there are most of my siblings.. One is missing, but I don’t have a current picture of her.

cuddle buddies

and a super cute picture of my puppies cuddlin’



What are you’re plans this weekend?

— Chris will be in the garage the entire weekend
— I’m headed to Clermont for my baby nieces b-day, except she’s not really a baby anymore
— Sunday I’m headed to Universal for my oldest nieces’ b-day


3 thoughts on “some of this, some of that

  1. I totally missed the boat on national siblings day. I love all your sister photos. 🙂 This weekend I’ve got one last long run before my 1/2 on the agenda. If it ever quits snowing I hope to do it outside. Happy spinning too! Sounds fun & intense.

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