I’m old


You know what makes me feel old:
My  youngest cousin, on my Mom’s side, turned 21 recently. WHAT?
My second youngest cousin turned 24 last week. DOUBLE WHAT? “
My oldest niece turned 9 yesterday, HOLY CRAP!
It’s been 8 years since Chris thought he was evil knevil & broke his ankle – we had been dating for 2 weeks at that point.. WHAT? we’ve been together 8 years? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!????

proof of the broken ankle status. Not only did he break his left ankle, he broke a few bones in his right foot. Have I ever told you this story? Okay, well let me tell you, in case I haven’t.. See, what had happened was ….. every good story starts out like that, doesn’t it?   Chris & his buddy went out riding (motorcycles, obviously)…. end of story.. No, just kidding… Chris & I were supposed to go out to dinner, but he was sUPER late.. like, he never showed… when I got a hold of him he told me he was sitting on the side of the road with a broke ankle.. Remember, yesterday was April Fool’s day, so I totally thought this was a joke.. Turns out, it wasn’t.

He said that his friend went back to get the truck so he could take him to the hospital.. Uh.. why don’t you call the ambulance? So he did… and at this point I still think this is a joke. I only finally believed that it wasn’t a joke when I had to call the hospital to find out what room he was in. A few hours later he went back for surgery…

Oh, how did he actually break his ankle you ask? Standing on the seat. Kind of like this:

except no where near as graceful. ……. I don’t know how this guy stayed up for so long – According to Chris he couldn’t get down fast enough before he lost speed, so he jumped.. still makes me laugh, what the heck do guys think sometimes?


anyways, I don’t know how that turned into a post about Chris’ crazy motorcycle story.. there are many m ore, but we’ll stick with just one for now.

Last night I went to Clermont to have dinner for my niece’s bday – We gave her the Taylor Swift tickets, she was excited, but there was no screaming or crying LOL… I’m so dramatic.

I also got to meet my new nephew, Joseph.. FINALLY!!!! He is SOOOOOO tiny & sweet.. but he freaks me out a little when he starts getting all squirmy!

baby joe collage

could I be anymore awkward?


What makes you feel old?

OH, I thought of one more…. My 10 year reunion is in July.. I’m not going, but it’s still happening.

Did you go to your 10 year reunion? If it’s this year, are you planning on going?
If it’s in the next few years, do you think you’ll go?

I kind of feel like reunions are pointless  with everyone’s business so readily available on facebook, ha.  But in all seriousness, I’m not paying $110 in tickets + hotel.. I’m just not.


One thought on “I’m old

  1. I turned 30 last week and celebrated with lots of drinks, the way I liked to celebrate my birthdays in my 20’s. Let’s just say, the next day I was definitely reminded that I can’t party like I’m 21! “I’m too old for this sh*t…”

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