lift it up, set it down, rest, repeat

Happy Hump Day, Friends!  Who is excited that we are already half way through this week?

After taking Monday off from the gym, I got my lazy bones back there bright & early on Tuesday morning.  My schedule is M/T /R/F, and starts with upper body on Monday. Since I skipped Monday I decided to just move everything back so I started with upper body on Tuesday.


5 min warm up on elliptical

bench press                          3×10
bent over row                     3×10
DB shoulder press               3×8
tricep ext                             3×10
barbell curl                          3×10
DB lat raise                         3×8
flat bench DB press             3×8
lat pull down                      3×8

13 min on stationary bike
10 min on elliptical
5 min abs – butterfly kicks, leg raises & another thing that I don’t know the name for (ha)



5 min warm up on elliptical

squat                          3×12
stiff leg DL                 3×10
barbell lunge            3×8
leg press                    3×10
leg extension           3×8
stand calf raise       3×12

I plan on doing cardio this afternoon after work


AND NOW, some totally unrelated pictures…

Kailyn learned how to ride my Mom’s 4-wheeler. It’s a Yamaha 350 (I think).. that’s a big ol’ bike for baby girl to ride, but she’s got it down!
Aren’t those pants the cutest things you’ve ever seen!? Pink Fox riding pants. OMG, I die!

She even hit the hills! She’ll be racing in no time!

The pictures are my Mom’s… WHO, BY THE WAY, had shoulder surgery yesterday. Remember a while back I wrote about how she wrecked the dirt bike & broke her collar bone? Well, APPARENTLY, she also tore her rotator cuff which required surgery. It went well, and she is at home probably driving my Step-Dad bonkers! (Hi Mom!)


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