no way!

This morning I was given permission to work from home – I took full advantage and didn’t change out of my PJs until almost 3pm.  That, my friends, is a successful work at home  day (in my opinion). I did some billing until my eyes started to cross from reading progress notes & operative reports. 

Wearing PJs until 3pm was great, but the best part of my day happened at 12:08pm – This morning, via Gchat, my sister told me to listen to her local country radio station and try to win Taylor Swift tickets. I loaded up my iHeartRadio app and turned on her station. The contest was at 12:08, so I listened we chatted for a while, and as the time approached I dialed the number on my phone, called it once so it would be in my call list. Around 12 I pulled up my call history and had the number ready to go.. This is serious, folks! We NEED those Taylor Swift tickets !!!

Blake Shelton came on, then it was time to GO! Grace, the DJ, announced caller 9 would win, and I had my finger ready to go.


RINGING. RINGING. RINGING… GRACE ANSWERS THE PHONE.  Grace asks if I’m at home, at work, in the car.. I say working from home. She say, “So you can scream when I tell you that you won TAYLOR SWIFT TICKETS….”

I said, “ Nuh uh..” which is redneck for “no way!”    She laughed, I laughed. Holy crap. I said My niece would be so excited & that I would be giving the tickets to my sister so she could take my niece.

She congratulated me then told me to hold so they could get my information.

After she put me on hold I sent my sister a message on Gchat saying I won…where she proceeded to think I was kidding.

Definitely not kidding. I really won. I was almost in tears, LOL.. Seriously, and my heart was racing.. I was SO excited. Y’all, my niece LOVES Taylor Swift.. 
Taylor is coming to town (orlando) on April 11 – 12, and Kailyn turns 9 on April 1st (an april fools day baby) so it is the PERFECT birthday present for her!

FINALLY, they replayed me winning, and Stacey finally believed me. It was SO COOL!  I’ve never won anything before, so to be able to win Taylor Swift tickets for my niece was really cool! I can’t wait to see her reaction when she gets the tickets!

side note: We actually looked at buying tickets several months ago when they first went on sale, but they are CUH-RAZY expensive.. Home girl needs to come on with those ticket prices – ridiculous.

SO, that was the BEST part of my day!



What was the best part of your day?


4 thoughts on “no way!

  1. This is awesome! Congrats on the perfect timing!

    I can’t say that I’m Taylor’s biggest fan – I’m kind of over her – but that stupid “trouble when you walked in” song gets me every time!

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