get up…work out

Whew, we made it through Monday, Friends!

Hopefully your Monday was an uneventful & productive day. We are starting the process of refinancing our home, so I met with the bank to get that started. Fingers crossed that it’s a smooth process. I’m a little gun shy when it comes to this type of thing. The credit union that holds our mortgage currently screwed up about 2 weeks before we were set to close. I KNOW that is COMMON, things happen, but this was HUGE. Like, FHA wouldn’t approve our house because it wasn’t built to their INSANE flood zone specs….  which are different from Hernando County flood zone specs… so y’know, that’s a problem.  The bank had the information on the house that would have told them WAY in advance that our house wouldn’t qualify for an FHA. We aren’t the only ones that have had difficulty with this credit union . Some friends of our recently quit using them after their own mortgage fiasco.

Anyways, you might be wondering how we went from having our house on the market to refinancing in just a few months time. Well, we had a huge change of heart. I mentioned in another post that we were going to take our house off the market, and remain living here, and that is true. We are going to stay…. for a long time. We decided that we will be much happier on the water, than not. We do miss our families, and not moving means we will still be far (but not THAT far) from them, but we love the water… A LOT. 

When we bought our house in 2010 the interest rates were a lot higher than they are now – so after some thinking, researching, and working up some numbers, we decided it would be stupid if we didn’t refinance. … We’ll see. We aren’t approved (or whatever) yet.

…..and that was a long tangent….

on Working Out:

this morning I pretty much had to drag myself out of bed – I REALLY needed to workout, but I REALLY did NOT want to get up.. After one snooze I rolled out of bed, made coffee, ate an apple & PB then drove to the gym.

I should have done an upper body workout on Monday, but I didn’t …. I wanted to do legs today, so I skipped the upper body and went for the legs. I love leg day. so much power.

I can’t tell you how much I love going to the gym early in the morning and being the only one there.. to bad that requires a 4am wake up call. There was one other guy there, but he was never in the same area I was in – it was like I had the whole gym to myself.


LEG DAY: Tuesday 3/12/2013

Deadlift                                       3 x 10
leg press                                      3 x 12
walking lunges                      4 x 12
seated calf raise                    3 x 12
bulgarian split squat        3 x 10
hack squat                                 3 x 10
glute kick back                       3 x 10

Pre workout: 5 min walk on an incline + 5 minutes of foam rolling/stretching
Post workout: foam roll/stretch
total time: 1:05

I was home & eating breakfast by 6:30 – would have been sooner if I didn’t get stuck behind a dang bus.. Getting stuck behind a bus on my road is THE WORST. It’s a 2 lane road, with 1 or 2 passing areas. This morning it was raining, and dark & my car loves to break loose in the rain so I just had to stay behind the bus that stopped FOUR TIMES in less than a MILE.  ….. seriously.

There has to be a more efficient way to pick up the kids.
If you can sit at the bus stop with your kids:

A. why can’t you drive them to school? 
B. why can’t everyone meet at ONE location instead of 5? 

There is a great Coast Guard station with a big parking lot where everyone can get picked up at the same place.. See Hernando County, it’s not that difficult!


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