a peaceful place


I love driving with the windows down & the radio up. That seems like a DUH kind of thing, (doesn’t everyone love this?)  but I REALLY  love it. It brings me a lot of joy & peace. It would seem odd that I could find peace with the radio up, but I do. I let Kenny Chesney sing to me about boats, and islands, and living in a place I could only dream of living in.

I dream of what I would do If I won the powerball, I decide that I’m going to ask Chris if he wants to go to Bayport and watch the sunset. I dream of what our lives will be like in the future. Where will we live? Where will we retire?

If there wasn’t so much damn traffic I’d drive for hours…. just dreaming.


We had a great weekend. On Saturday we went to the AMA Supercross by Honda at Daytona International Speedway. That place is huge, FYI.  It was a fun event, but sooo long! We finally made it into bed around 1:30am on Sunday morning. I am definitely not good at staying up late.. 11 is my zonk out zone. 1 am is crazy town.

Sunday we slept in a little, then loaded up our junk and headed back home – (we stayed at my Mom’s after supercross since Daytona is on the opposite coast. Three hours would have been WAY to far to drive when we left the track at 11:30.)

The rest of Sunday was spent lounging around the house doing pretty much nothing. I went grocery shopping at some point, and Chris browsed his favorite boat building forums.

I bought a (new to us) beer at Publix, and thanks to the new time change it had enough time to get cold in the fridge before we headed over to Jenkins Creek to watch the sunset. We packed a little cooler, grabbed a yoga mat to sit on, and then raced (just kidding, there was a  cop in front of us) we actually drove very slowly over to Jenkins Creek.

sunset JC 2

I never get tired of watching the sunset over the water. To bad the no-seeums were out in full force; we only stayed long enough to chug our beers.


I am SO not ready for it to be Monday yet. Oh man, I need another day off to relax and catch up on my sleep. I didn’t work out AT ALL this weekend. I haven’t been to the gym since Thursday, and while I’m ready to go back, I’m okay with not going. I didn’t get up in time to go this morning, hopefully I can make it this afternoon. Although I’m not sure I want to fight with the afternoon crowds… Maybe I can just do a workout downstairs in the gym…. <— totally thinking out loud there… Here I go again trying to plan everything out.

Anyways, try and have a good Monday today. We are seeing a few patients, and then I have boat load of billing to catch up on.


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