#Flexfriday … like a boss

diva is cute

OH MY GOSH, friends. This computer is running soooooooooooooooooooo slow. It takes 5 minutes to open up anything.

I’m like THIS close to just tossing the darn thing out the window and telling Chris that Diva did it !!
I’m PRETTY sure he’d believe THAT story!

Anyways, today is Flex Friday, and oddly, I had to dig through my phone to find some flexing pictures. Usually it’s loaded down because I LURVE myself and I’m flexing EVERY chance I get. <—- true story.  I SHOULD have had some from this morning’s trip the gym, but let’s just say that DIVA turned off my alarm and I didn’t get up and go. Clearly the theme of the day is to blame EVERYTHING on DIVA!


without further adieu, here are my #flexfriday pictures

Flex Friday 2 edit bam

I was trying to flex my shoulder, but that was not working, so I gave up. then bam!  bicep.

Soooo, I have an eye dr. appointment today. I had one last Thursday for the exam, & today I go back so I can tell him that I hate these contacts he wanted me to try… which is why I’m wearing glasses in pretty much every picture for the last week.  AND OF COURSE, right now they feel okay in my eyes, but I swear every time I put them in over the last week I could feel them. Every time I moved my eye, they would move.

It’s like when you take your car to the mechanic – it NEVER makes that banging noise when you take it in, but as soon as you drive off – transmission falls out.  < – that has never happened to me before, but you get what I’m saying here.

One last thing before I go, this is my word of advice for the day: Should you ever need to consult with a Surgeon. You should really remember to tell them if you have any aversion/stomach issue to pain medications AT THE CONSULT, or one of the other 500 times you called to talk to the Surgeon. NOT the DAY BEFORE surgery.    This has been a public service announcement from your FRIENDLY Surgical Office.


Oh, AND HAPPY FRIDAY! Raise your hand if you thought the weekend was NEVER  going to get here! Island with a palm tree


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