Some crazy from my day

Today I learned that the key fob for Chris’ truck will work from the 3rd floor. Want to know WHY I learned this?

I was walking through my office, and when I glanced out the window I noticed a white expedition sitting next to Chris’ truck. I know that doesn’t seem odd, but I park in the back of the parking lot, and the only cars that park there are cars that work in my building or at the hospital next door. This car was out of place. So I watched. The guy driving the car was outside of it standing between my truck & his truck. He walked over to my truck and looked in the window. The windows are tinted really dark, so he had to put his hands up around his eyes to see in.

He walked away. Walked back, looked in again. Walked away… walked back..and this is where I started to freak out a little and I hit the panic button on the key fob. Thankfully it worked, and the alarm on the truck went off.

He jumped back in his car, and hauled ass.. true story. I ran down the hall & down the stairs to make sure he hadn’t done anything to Chris’ truck – when I exited the side of the building he was parked there. He saw me come out, and I stared at him – letting him know that I knew he was there. He drove off.

What in the hell?  This would be the 2nd time I caught someone messing with my truck. The first time was in February 2011.. That guy JUST got off probation (they sent me a letter). This totally freaked me out. I do have a fear in the back of my mind that the original guy will come back.. kind of dumb, but… people are dumb.  <— (three news stories from today of local dumb-dumbs) Oh, and there was a desktop computer sitting on the floor in the truck…so yeah, it’s not totally unlikely that he was going to break in. I don’t know, it was weird – I got a weird vibe.

So anyhow, that was the excitement for my day. 



My Mom shared a link to this blog post yesterday morning – She failed to warn me that I was going to need a box of tissues. It’s a tearjerking, heartbreaking, beautiful love story between two siblings. And for heavens sake, grab some tissues.


You should also check out this great post about setting goals on Courtney’s blog. I’m not going to summarize, just check it out.


Good Night, Friends.

Early wake up call for the gym in the morning, and I need my ZzZzZzZz’s


2 thoughts on “Some crazy from my day

    • ugh. creeps me out. It’s happened to us twice since we’ve lived in our house. Prior to this i’ve never had anything happen. so weird.

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