What is it about training plans

…….. that make my brain shudder? 

When I first started lifting I was loosely following a training plan I found on simplyshredded.com – I quickly abandoned that plan because, duh, I obviously know more than whoever created that plan and I want to make up my own workouts…

I’m an idiot.

I know nothing about weight lifting, and I surely don’t know what exercise should go where & when. SO, in an effort to get more results, I’m going to try like hell to follow this plan for 12 weeks. I even put it in my Google calendar – so that pretty much makes it official!


I hit the gym this morning at 5:15am to get my first workout of this 12 week training plan done – Monday is upper body A day ~

bench press                                            3 x 10       (20, 25,30#)
bent over row                                     3 x 10       (30,40,40#)
DB shoulder press                         3 x 10       (15#)
lying tricep extension             3 x 10         (15#)
barbell curl                                            3 x 10         (20# barbell)

march 4 collage

(for more random pictures, you can follow me on instagram  @lovemybody_jena)

I suppose the first week of workouts will serve as a sort of bench mark – I’ll look back on this post every 4 weeks to see my progress -(and there better be progress)

In addition to trying to stay on a training plan, I’m going to try hard to track my food to make sure I’m getting enough calories, and a good balance.. As you can see in that collage, my carbs were way out of control today…… oops. It’s not fair that bananas have so many carbs.  (you can friend on MFP, my name is StingSharkRuns)

I don’t plan on posting my food every day, but here is a pretty good idea of what my food intake is like on a daily basis:

March 4th MFP 1
















March 4 MFP 2

















This is a fairly accurate portrayal of what I ate today – The only thing missing is the almonds I snacked on while at work, and the half/half (which reminds me, we are out. crap) I put in my coffee this morning, other than that, I tracked everything I ate.

When I’m packing my lunch in the morning I write everything down as I weigh it, then I enter it all in so that I don’t forget during the day. If I don’t eat something, I can take it off, but today I ate everything I took to work.

I’m way over on sugar, but most of the sugar is from fruit & milk – sooo, I don’t care to much about that. I try to keep my fruit consumption limited to the morning hours & post workout.. Except today, I had a banana after work.



Enough about me:  Here are a few news stories that I find interesting and/or crazy:

A sinkhole in Seffner, FL swallowed a man late Monday night.
A woman dies at a California assisted-living facility after employees refuse CPR
      (I really hope there is more to that story that hasn’t been released yet – bc that is awful)
All the coverage you can handle on the Arnold Classic from over the weekend


Any good/bad/sad/crazy news stories you want to share?



Goodnight Friends, I’m about to drink up my casein shake & read for a few minutes before bed. I have a  4am wake up call !!


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