meal planning difficulties

well, well, well, what do we have here? Sunday afternoon already? nooooooooo !!!!  I’m so not ready for Monday to be here.


Today has been a fairly lazy day – didn’t go to the gym (again). Got up around 8, made some oatmeal & coffee for breakfast, took the dogs out, proceeded to freeze, ran back upstairs, put more clothes on, drank more coffee & started to plan our meals.

I’ve really been struggling with dinner time – more accurately, I’ve been struggling to feed Chris at dinner time. I eat pretty much the same meals over & over again (and I’m fine with that). But Chris, he doesn’t care to eat tilapia & asparagus for dinner. ever. at all. He doesn’t like it.


So over the course of the last few weeks (when he’s home) he’s had the most random, off the wall meals – whatever we had in the pantry/fridge was what he got. That doesn’t really seem fair since I’m eating what I want to eat. The poor guy travels more than he’s home & he eats out every meal when he is traveling. The guy needs some good home-cooked meals, not random crap thrown together.

With that in mind, I got to work planning some dinners for the next two weeks. Will Chris be home? Who knows; Your guess is as good as mine, but if he is, I’ll have something good for him to eat!

On our his menu I have:

shredded chicken taco bowl
home made sloppy joes on bread thins
steak n potatoes
Cajun chicken bowl


Mini meatloaf
ground beef tacos (lentil for me)
chicken fried rice/quinoa
minestone soup
sweet potato/black bean chili

shrimp stir fry w/ green peppers/broccoli/brown rice & spinach
pork tenderloin
breakfast (grits, eggs, bacon)

I think that’s a pretty good mixture of meals, and he will appreciate not eating grilled cheese & scrambled eggs for dinner every night he’s home Thinking smile  — It is likely that I will make each of those things fit into my meal plan.

grocery trip march 3Another reason for meal planning is to cut back on my trips to the grocery store – it is embarrassing how many times a week I go to Publix – The cashier have actually started to make comments – I know they are kidding, but it embarrasses me. If I planned better, I wouldn’t need to go to Publix every other day, and I’d probably save some money!

Today I went to Target for the bulk of our groceries, I hit up a roadside produce stand for some fresh produce, and then Publix for the things that I couldn’t/won’t buy from Target. We don’t have a super duper Target, so some items aren’t available in the grocery section – like vegetable broth (weird, but true).

Now I’m off to plan my workouts for the week, and get some studying done for my upcoming exam!!

I’ll leave you with a few other pictures from the weekend

march weekend 1



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