it’s time

Does this ever happen to you:  You go somewhere, have a bad experience, or are just generally annoyed by the happenings of the place and then every time you go there you have a bad taste in your mouth.  <did that even make sense?>


This is how I feel about my current gym situation. Every time I go there I feel like there is something new to annoy me. Whether it’s kids running around on the weight room floor, having to wait years for THE ONE AND ONLY squat rack, screaming girls in the locker room, or creepy old men – something is always bothering me.

I don’t like the Y, so I think that amplifies my annoyance. I’ve had two other gym memberships – The first time I joined the gym I was 18 or 19, and wanted to get gain some strength. I joined the NTC (national training center in Clermont – you might be familiar with that name as that’s where several Olympic athletes train – I can think of 3 right of the top of my head) — I was planning on applying for some EMS jobs that would require me to be able to lift a certain amount of weight …. I must have been 18 – I was doing really good at going to the gym and doing the prescribed plan given to me by one of the “trainers.”  Then I got a tattoo and they told me I couldn’t workout/sweat for a week… that one week killed any & all ambition that I had.

My second membership was at Gold’s ~ This was in 2007 (I was 22) and I was bored. Chris & I had broken up & I needed a way to fill all my empty hours in the day. I don’t even remember really ever going. I got a job in Orlando that required me to run around the hospital all day long, and I think by time I got off work I was done running around and moving.. I eventually cancelled my membership when Chris & I got back together and I moved back into our house (which was not in Clermont, and not near a Gold’s).

I was never serious about fitness during either of these memberships ~ maybe that is the difference now. I’m serious about lifting, and I don’t feel like the YMCA atmosphere is conducive to that.


So I’ve decided it’s time to move on ~ I’m definitely not attached to the Y, I haven’t made any friends that I’ll be sad to leave. I went to check out a new-to-me gym : The price is better, and the hours are better. I already like this place. It’s huge. Much bigger than the Y I currently go to. The weights & cardio are completely separated. Weights downstairs, cardio equipment upstairs. I don’t know why, but that excited me. They offer classes, which is great, but I doubt I’ll ever attend. They also have child care, which is fancy, but I don’t think they’ll take Diva, so I’ll just leave her at home.

This was their nutritional tip of the day on Valentines day… “(NUTRITIONAL TIP OF THE DAY) “BROCCOLI MAY GET STUCK IN YOUR TEETH BUT FRENCH FRIES GET STUCK IN YOUR ASS!!!”


I guess I pretty much already have my mind made up, that this is the new gym I’m going to join. I hope I’m right, but it feels like the atmosphere will be more about working out & less about……everything else.


So, that’s what’s new today – I was going to post my workouts for the last two days, but this is getting long & I need to go study.. Yup, study. I finally registered for the CCS-P exam.. June 1st. AH!


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