Oh no, not THAT number again

Last week I had a bit of a mental break down – I was feeling completely beat up by the number on the scale.

I know ~ Everyone says you shouldn’t focus on the number on the scale, but how your clothes feel.

You know how sometimes things are easier said than done? Well, this is one of those times.


Monday morning I weighed myself, and the number was higher than it’s been in months. I tried to shake it off since my eating over that weekend had been ridiculous.

Monday afternoon came & I was exhausted. I skipped the gym and did a short workout at home.

Tuesday came: weight still the same. Definitely feeling defeated. Exhausted again – went to the gym. Struggled through the entire workout ~ no motivation what-so-ever.

Wednesday: I gave up on the scale. I didn’t weigh myself anymore. It didn’t matter; agonizing over the number wasn’t going to help, but I was already defeated. I let myself eat whatever I wanted to eat, and do whatever I wanted to do. “What difference did it make anyways? I already weigh XXX, a few bowls of cereal won’t kill me.”



Cereal is dangerous – I bought the cereal because it was on sale at Publix. I rarely keep cereal in the house because it’s a trigger – it sends me into a downward spiral of eating bad and thinking bad. I know better. I knew better when I bought it.

The good news is that I recognize that this is not normal, and that it’s a place that I go and need to come back from pretty quickly.

I let myself take the rest of the week off from the gym, and subsequently my eating was shit for the rest of the week. Huh, imagine that.


So here we are, on Tuesday morning and I’m back. I’ve taken control of those feelings, and I’m moving forward.

I sat down on Sunday night and made a plan: a plan for how to move forward. How to take control of my feelings, how to ignore the number on the scale, and how to make this week a successful week.


I started Monday out by waking up at 4:30, having some coffee, then heading down to my gym and did some cardio. Starting the day out by sweating felt good – so cliché, but so true.

After work I headed to the gym for leg day ~ I love leg day.



squat (wide stance)      5 x 6
squat (narrow stance   5 x 6
leg press (plated)           3 x 12
hack squat                     5 x 6
bulgarian split squat    3 x 12
donkey kicks                  3 x 20 


The gym was PACKED. I mean PACKED. People everywhere. It felt like the assisted living bus got confused and dropped everyone off at the gym instead of the bingo hall down the road. I had to move things around so that I wasn’t standing around waiting ~ I hate this, but I guess that’s the price I pay for working out after work.


I’m changing up some eating habits this week, but more on that later. I need to get ready for work, or I’ll be late.


2 thoughts on “Oh no, not THAT number again

  1. Hi Jena,

    You might want to try LeanGains inconjunction with your workout. He has a guide at this link:


    I lost 25 lbs and went from a size 36-38 waist to 30-32 waist in four months. He has a facebook page too. There are a lot of women and men following it. I am currently following it as well to see my abs again before summer. It is basically eating in an 8 hour window and fasting for the other 16 hours. I eat low carb paleo Let me know if you have any questions. I have been using it for 2-3 years off and on. Giving up wheat helped too.


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