On kicking my own butt


My head started aching around lunch time on Monday. My right eye started aching shortly after that – I’m not one to keep a small pharmacy in my purse so I had no type of pain reliever to take. I couldn’t take my contacts out (which I thought might be causing the eye throb) because I can’t see to drive with out them. I mean, I can see, but not well. Trust me, you don’t want me driving around without contacts/glasses.

I had work errands to run when I got off work on Monday, and two doggies that were probably doing the pee-pee dance in their crates. I opted to skip the gym and create a workout that I could easily do at home.

By easily I mean, a workout that I can do with the minimal equipment that I have. Not an easy workout. Nope, this wasn’t easy. I was ready to give up with the first set of sumo squats.



I recently saw a new exercise on Instagram that I wanted to give a try; walking treadmill lunges. If you’re thinking it sounds easy, I double-dog dare you to try them. It’s not easy. I wanted to cry after the 2nd set.

I started out walking on the treadmill @ 3.5mph on a 10% incline for 3 minutes. I moved the speed down to 1.7 & did walking lunges for 2 minutes on a 10% incline. Active rest for 1.5 minutes, 3.5 mph @ 10% incline. Last set of walking lunges for 2 minutes, 10% incline on 1.8mph.

trust me, your legs will burn. If they don’t, you didn’t do it right.

Rest of the workout consisted of some more butt kicking – The workout itself wasn’t particularly hard.. Maybe I was just extra tired, but I really wanted to quit a few times, and I actually cut the workout short simply because I just didn’t feel like it anymore.

sumo squats w/ 20lb DB     3 x 12
wall squat w/ stability ball  5 x 15
single leg lunges 20lb db    3 x 8   — I was done here. These totally killed me. I kept losing my balance
narrow DB squat 20lb db    5 x 6
calf raises                             4×25

I also had lateral leg raises & front leg raises, but I quit before I did them. Those lateral leg raises kill me and I just didn’t feel like it.  I know this is such a horrible attitude to have, and I don’t normally quit during a workout, but I was just over it.

top pic is from 1/3/2013 – bottom pic is today, 1/29/2013


I love going to the gym, but I just wasn’t feeling motivated at all today. I wrote up my workout this afternoon, stuck it in my purse, and hoped I’d be able to make it through with out keeling over and dying. I don’t know why I’m so tired, but I could fall asleep at any second.- That said, I definitely went to bed WAY TO LATE last night, so that is probably contributing to my tiredness. I also feel like I got beat up. My entire body is sore, and I’m not quite sure why.

Saturday I did a legs workout, Sunday was a rest day, and Monday I did legs again in my home gym. I have no idea why my back and shoulders are killing me. It’s bizarre, and it’s adding to my tired crankyness.

Anyways, back to my workout for Tuesday:

I started out with 8 minutes on the stair-stepper, then moved over to the mat to stretch.

workout: back & biceps

deadlifts                                4 x 8
reverse grip lat pull down    4 x 12
barbell bent over row           3 x 20
compound row machine      4 x 12
EZ bar bicep curl                  3 x 8
hammer curl                         3 x 12
arm curl machine                3 x 15


I based my workout {loosely} off of a workout I saw on cutandjacked.com recently. The gym was PACKED PACKED PACKED today. What I actually did, isn’t what I wrote down. I had to sub out a few things because every time I went to use a machine it was taken. I don’t have all day to stand around and wait for a machine to open up, so I used something else that would target the same muscles. Kind of annoying to have to change my plans, but I guess that’s what happens when you are still at the gym at 5pm.

My gym got this hexagon deadlift bar a few months ago – I would rather use a regular bar, but space is so limited on the floor it can be challenging to find room. This bar is nice & compact and I can hide out in a corner and deadlift until my heart is content. I found this article on the benefits of using this type of bar for deadlifts vs. a straight bar.


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