I’m a big kid now

Hallelujah! it’s Friday! I’m SO excited that the weekend is finally here!

This week I received my St.Pete Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon confirmation via e-mail… to bad I’m not running. My friends started to receive their confirmations and there was lots of chatter on FB about which corral various folks were in. I had a fleeting moment of, “dangit, I should have trained.”  The feelings dissolved pretty quickly, and I remember that I’m quite content right where I’m at.

This week I took Sunday/Monday off from the gym – come tuesday I was rarin’ to get my workout on! I always start my week off with legs. I LOVE leg days – I love the power I feel – I feel so in control.

Last week I worked up some nerve and moved from the smith machine to the regular power rack.


        POWER RACK                                                SMITH MACHINE

I first used the power rack last Thursday – I was kind of lost on how to set it up, so I just winged it. I kept the weight light just-in-case something bad happened..

I did 3 x 12, 95, 115, 125 .. LOL, I guess I didn’t really keep the weight all that light.. I think 125 was my max. Any how, I was a little wobbly, and a little nervous but I think the move from the smith machine to the power rack was a good decision.


squat rack1

that face is my “don’t talk to me, I’m working out” face AKA “The bitch face”

Yesterday I was back in the power rack for some more squat action – Have I told you how much I LOVE squats.. I just love love love them!

I always start my workout with a few minutes on the treadmill/elliptical/arc trainer – I like to warm my legs up before I stretch & foam roll. Maybe it’s the runner in me, but I can’t stretch cold muscles, it freaks me out.

wide squat (power rack)                                3×10
barbell lunge (power rack)                            3×10
narrow stance squat (power rack              3×10
plated leg press                                              3×10

dead lift                                                             3×10
good mornings                                                3×10
lying leg curls                                                  3×10

I hit a new PR on my wide squat yesterday – on accident. I forgot to account for the weight of the bar when I threw two 45’s on the end of my barbell. I stepped out with the bar and thought, “DANG, this feels heavier than the other day.”  Duh. it was. I successfully banged out all 3 sets with 140lbs!


Have you hit any new PR’s lately: running/lifting/golf/anything?


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