On Saturday I woke up at the butt-crack of dawn to get a workout in before we headed over to my Mom’s house. The Y doesn’t open until 7 on Saturdays, which is early, but not early enough. I wrote up a workout, and headed down to my little home gym to kick my own butt.

I started out with 5 minutes of walking {at an incline} on the treadmill, 5 minutes of foam rolling & then 1:45 of jump rope.

butt-busting workout –

stability ball squats   (4×25) no weight first set, 15lb DB last 3 sets
lunges w/ 15lb DB        (4×10/ea leg)
front flutter ki cks      (4×25/ea leg) 


leg raises                       4×12    (this is REALLY good for runners
lateral leg raise            3×20/ea leg


donkey kicks                  4×12
narrow DB squats        4×10  (20lb DB in each hand)


Please believe I am STILL sore…..My glutes aren’t sore, but the muscles that don’t usually get worked are killin’ me… Those lateral leg raises are no joke. 

The warm up + workout took about an hour, burned 398 calories, avg HR was 127, max HR was 171.


The rest of the weekend we spent in Clermont with my Mom & family ~

jan 19 collage

I am SUPER excited about the coming weekend! My friend Sherry is coming to town!!! I haven’t seen her since last Feb (so lame!) I can’t believe it’s been almost a year… She had a super busy year last year, and we just never found the time to hang out.. The time has come, we are finally being reunited, and I CAN’T WAIT !!!!

and now, for a SUPER old picture of, because I can’t find anything newer than this right now:

jena sherry 1

circa 2009 (I think) at approximately 6amish – We went down to Englewood (FL) for a week of fishing. This picture is taken at Boca Grande State Park where we stayed all night while the guys fished. We fished some, but mostly slept in beach chairs.  Oh, and I have a top on, it’s just a tube-top type thing so you can’t see it.

jena 3am

sherry 3am

I love looking at old vacation pictures… The captions that I have on these pictures on FB say that this was around 3am.. this was at Boca Grande Pass again – probably the same night. The light behind me is the lighthouse light circling around.

Happy Tuesday!


One thought on “ow

  1. You are a hardcore workout machine. I’d be sore after 1/2 of that. Hope you have a wonderful time w/ your friend. P.S. Send some FL sunshine my way. 🙂

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