teenagers & snowbirds

I love Fridays! Since I’m the boss at my job I allow myself to wear jeans, and leave at 3. It’s great to be the boss.

I was hoping the gym would be less crowded since I would be there a little earlier than usual. nope. wishful thinking, jena, wishful thinking.

I started with a few minutes of walking on the treadmill. I cranked the incline up to 7 and walked at 4.0mph.. That was actually kind of tough – I wasn’t paying attention (I was texting….) and I about fell off the back.. oops. Note to self: walking & texting is dangerous.  After my near death experience on the TM I headed over to my little foam rolling spot to roll out my legs. Those babies are sore from yesterday’s squat sesh. whew. I love that the gym has a foam roller.. so convenient.

Thankfully the Smith Machine wasn’t being used so I practically ran over to snag it before someone else did. I started off with some bench press.. I really wish that Chris went to the gym with me so that he could be my spotter. BUT, he doesn’t. So this will have to do.  — I tried to find an article on the pros vs. cons of the smith machine; I couldn’t find anything. If anyone has an insight on this matter, feel free to share – or link an article that I can read.

I received my new workout log today! I was stupid excited to use it. I wrote in my previous january workouts.

The numbers on the side are the order I did the workout in – had to switch it up bc people were in the way. I superset the shoulder press/bicep curl, which is why there is the little mark outside those two exercises.

I’m really excited to have a book to track my workouts in. The app on my phone is fine, but it’s hard to go back and look at what I did and with what weight. This is much more organized, and I can always use some organization in my life!

bicep collage 1 4 2013


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