a little bit muddy

Saturday afternoon I dusted off my boots, and dug out my oldest pair of jeans – we were headed to the mud hole!

Some friends of our were taking their mud truck to Lakeland for the mud races, so we loaded up around 3:30 and headed East(ish).

mud hole map

We FINALLY arrived around 6 !! That drive seems to take longer each time we go – We found our parking spot, and cracked open a beer. Unfortunately there wasn’t a whole lot of action happening in the mud hole it self –  but we still had a good time people watching and hanging out with friends.

girls mudhole

Eventually we busted out the grill and grilled up a few hamburgers! They sell food, but who wants to pay $6 for a burger, and another $3 for a coke?! I brought grapes to snack on, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I didn’t have a few handfuls of doritos.. those babies are yummy!

Around 8 pm the “races” started.. The races consist of 2 trucks lining up and then trying to get across the mud hole the fastest.

chevy vs yota

Heavy Chevy vs. Toyota – Chevy won.

Eventually it was our friend’s turn to race! Cindy was at the wheel and Dana was ridin’ shotgun!

Hard to see (droid doesn’t take great night time pictures). Cindy & Dana are in the blue ranger on the right. The Samurai thing they were racing got stuck… Cindy & Dana also got stuck ,but they were closer to the finish line so they won! (woot!)

D with their trophies! Mud racin’ is a real thing, y’all!


SOMEBODY thought it would be a good idea to take their truck around back to the smaller mud holes….

baby chevy stuck

ahem…. Chris……

I thought Jeremy (chris’ brother) was kidding when he came riding up on the 4-wheeler saying he had to get his truck so he could pull Chris out.. PARDON ME? 

They were supposed to just be riding around, not actually going in the mud holes. Here’s Chris’ explanation as to what happened,

“See, what had happened was.. I was minding my own business and I just fell off into that mud hole.”

Every good explanation starts with, “See, what had happened was…..”   But what had really happened was – he was trying to kick rooster tails on his brother (who was riding the 4wheeler around) and he started sliding sideways and fell off in that hole.

and he ended up ass deep in mud. The exhaust on this truck was gurgling.. it was lovely.


baby chevy muddy

and now, he’s doing this:


This will likely be an all day affair. Several years ago (like 5) we had a green dodge that found it’s way into a mud hole. The next day he jacked it up on jack stands, took the tires off and cleaned the hell out of that truck.

Not sure if he’s planning on going to that extent today, but when you play, you pay.


Hope you had a great weekend!

For me today is a rest day & food prep day, with some house cleaning thrown in.


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