weekend wrap up

This past weekend we celebrated my birthday & a wedding!
The wedding was on Sunday afternoon – a small, intimate affair with just immediate family members present. It was a sweet setting, and I’m thrilled to see these two lovebirds married.
jena dress stacey wedding

yep, same dress/shoes I wore to a wedding in October.

After the wedding we hung around a bonfire, and drank beer… and then I woke up with a headache on Monday morning. drinking fail.

Monday was my birthday so we took the day off and headed to Orlando for a day at Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure!
I haven’t been since 2009 (which is ridiculous considering my step-dad works there) and I was anxious to ride the “new” rollercoaster; Rip, ride, rockit


I seriously screamed my head off – Oh, by the way, that is not my video – I found it on youtube. You would not be able to hear music if that was me filming.. I seriously screamed the entire time. I love rollercoasters, but that one was a doozy!

The park was not busy at all, so we pretty much just walked on to every ride. We really never had a wait over 5 minutes – it was fantastic! The weather was overcast all day, but I’ll take that over blazin’ sunshine any day of the week.

It started to rain later in the afternoon, but at that point it really didn’t matter since we were already soaking wet from Popeye & Bluto’s Bilge Rat Barge – it’s basically a river rapids type of ride; you sit in a big circle tube and hope you don’t go down backwards, or get soaked under a waterfall… let me tell you about how we were soaked within the first 30 seconds! AH! The water was FREEZING!

I was not thrilled to be soaking wet the rest of the day, but that ride was probably the best of the entire day.

We dragged out butts into the house around 11pm on Monday night – exhausted and ready to crash. Thankfully the dogs were tired as well, so we were able to make it into bed around 12am…

which means 5:30 came WAY TO EARLY!!!!!


Hope you had a great weekend! We had a nice extended weekend. One more full week of work, and then we are off for a few days for the Christmas Holidays!


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