eat, eat, eat, lift, eat, eat

It seems as though eating has taken over my life; I spend a lot of time prepping food & eating food. I’m eating ever 2 – 3 hrs (depending on what’s happening at work) . I feel like I’m always stuffing my face, and I pretty much am.

My mornings start between 5:30 – 6:30; meal times are based on what time I eat breakfast.

Tuesday morning I got up around 5:20, made Chris’ lunch, unloaded the dishwasher, then made a bowl of oatmeal for my breakfast. I ended up eating around 5:45 –

At 7:45 I was still at home, so I made a quick protein “shake.”

8oz almond milk
1 scoop gold standard vanilla ice cream whey
not exciting, but it gets the job done

Our house was finally listed for sale this morning, so I spent the morning running around the house tidying up. We’ve kept the house relatively tidy over the last few weeks, but with 2 dogs there is always dirt to be swept up. With a hard workin’ husband, there is ALWAYS dirty dirty laundry to be washed. IMAG0328


Okay, I lost track of what I was talking about for a second, back to what I’m eating..

10 am: fuji apple with smuckers “all natural” crunchy PB


Lunch came at 12, in the form of shredded chicken, quinoa with black beans , green beans & sweet potato

I was stuffed silly after that meal!

At 2pm I still wasn’t very hungry but I ate a boiled egg and called it good.

Thankfully my day allows me to eat whenever necessary – I’m thankful for the freedom. Eating this much would be difficult during a very busy day.

At 3:45 I drank a pre-workout drink – a supplement I ordered off of a few weeks ago. It’s not the best tasting stuff, and it makes my skin tingle, but it’s supposed to help with muscle growth so I’ll stick with it for a little while longer.


I leave work at 4 and head straight to the gym. During my workout I drink this:


{you’re welcome for my stellar photography skillz}

Tuesday was upper body day: I started out with 15 minutes on the elliptical where I worked up a pretty good sweat – I usually don’t work very hard on the elliptical but yesterday I changed the resistance every couple of minutes.

After the elliptical I headed over to the mat and did some foam rolling, and stretching. I am thankful the gym has a foam roller {Even though it kind of skeeves me out} – I foam roll pretty much every day now.. I do have one at home, but I’m lazy, and it’s down in the apartment.. out of sight, out of mind.

I started my workout with pushups, 3 x 8 .. The last set had me shaking, but I completed them!

all sets were 4 x 6
Bench dips
DB shoulder press
DB lat raise
DB rear delt row
bent over 2 DB row
reverse cable curl
cable up right row
cable seated row
cable triceps pushdown
wide grip lat pull down (behind neck)
incline bench press (on machine)

I did a few arm stretches for my cool down and bolted out of the gym.. I enjoy going to the gym after work, but I hate getting home so late.

I ran out of almond milk at work, so I couldn’t make my regular post workout protein “shake.” I had this in my work fridge so I grabbed it and sucked it down post-workout.

Dinner {for me} was more shredded chicken, sauteed brussels sprouts & steamed carrots. Chris had spaghetti {yum}. Chris usually eats the same thing I eat, but he wasn’t a fan of the shredded chicken so I made him something different – I’m trying to stick to a clean eating diet so while spaghetti sounded amazing, I wanted to stay on track.

After dinner I try really hard not to snack or eat any unnecessary foods, but I wasn’t SO successful on Tuesday. I’m a sucker for trail mix, and it just so happens that I bought peanuts/almonds/raisens for Chris’ lunches… and they were just taunting me in the pantry, so I had some.. yum! …and by some, I mean several handfuls..


So, there you have it.. I eat pretty much the same thing everyday. I’ve been eating shredded chicken for 3 days. I’m finally going to finish it up today. hallelujah!

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