lifting log: home gym workout

slowly but surely i’m getting a little definition in my biceps –

I had plans to hit the gym on Monday after work, but we ended up seeing a patient late in the day, which foiled my plans for going to the gym. Thankfully I have enough weights in my home gym that with a few alterations I was able to build a pretty good workout.

Warm up:
arm circles
jump rope
foam role

100 jump rope
shoulder press                                  3 x 8   15lb
50 jump rope
bent over row                                    3 x 8   10lb
50 jump row
tricep ext – single arm                     3 x 8  15lb
50 jump rope
tricep ext – lying – double arm      3 x 8  (10, 8, 8)
50 jump rope
bicep curl                                          3 x 8  10lb
50 jump rope
front lat raise                                   3 x 8  10lb
50 jump rope
single arm row                                3 x 8   15lb
50 jump rope
leg raises                                          3 x 8
100 jump rope


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