Lifting Log: Monday/Tuesday


I love the soreness that comes after a good workout;  soreness is a feeling of satisfaction – I love that I can physically feel the satisfaction… does that even make sense?

 Running just hasn’t been giving me much satisfaction lately.  Don’t get me wrong, winning OA female in the 5k last Saturday was fantastic – and I loved the feeling, but I don’t feel daily satisfaction from running anymore. I know that I’m barely even running these days – so how could I feel satisfaction? I just don’t have the desire to make myself run. I’m so bored; running on the same 4 streets over & over & over again sucks. My options are incredibly limited in my neck of the woods. Maybe when we move i’ll have some more options, but for now, i’m stuck.

I bought this book, Strength Training Anatomy, a few weeks ago. It’s actually not what I thought it would be, but that’s okay because it’s an excellent book. The book breaks the body down into sections and then shows the exercises that will work that section of the body.

Since I’m relatively new to lifting, and have a very limited knowledge of what exercises, this book has been really helpful when I’m trying to create my workouts. Obviously I’m not a personal trainer, so I can’t say with any degree of certainity that what I’m doing is beneficial, but I feel okay about the direction of my workouts.

Tara, from Sweat Like a Pig has been writing a beginner’s lifting series over the last few weeks, and it’s been really helpful. You can check out the series of posts here.

Monday’s workout:

warm up: 5 min on elliptical – I learned today that this isn’t effective, Thanks Tara

Romanian Deadlife                               3 x 8 (20lb, 25lb, 25lb)
DB Shoulder Press                                1 x 8, 2 x 5 (15lb, 20lb, 20lb)
DB Squat                                                 5 x 6  25lb
DB Lat raise                                           5 x 6  10lb
calf press on leg press machine         3 x 8 (80lb, 100lb, 100lb)
DB one arm up right row                    3 x 8 15lb
Leg extensions- machine                    3 x 8  (65lb, 70lb, 70lb)

Tuesday’s workout:

 warm up: 5 min on elliptical

Wide grip lat pulldown                     5 x 6   (37.5lb, 50lb x 4)
curl bar bicep curl                             5 x 6    30lb
incline DB curl                                   5 x 6    20lb
alt hammer curl                                 5 x 6    15lb
DB deadlift                                         5 x 6    25lb
DB squat                                             5 x 6    25lb
Bent over 2 DB row                          5 x 6    (15lb x 2, 12lb x 3)

I use an app on my phone, JeFit Pro, and it automatically sets the number of sets/reps to 3 x 8. On Monday I forgot to change them until I was already pretty deep into the workout – It didn’t even occur to me that I was doing the 3 x 8. duh

I prefer the 5 x 6 workout – In this post, Tara explains the benefit of this type of set/rep ratio. I want to build muscle and improve my strength, according to Tara, and various other resources, the low set/high rep is optimal for what I want to achieve.

In other news, I am feeling slightly more confident in the gym. Yesterday there were a couple of guys that made me a little uncomfortable, but I staked out my space, and did my thing. One day i’ll venture over to the squat rack.. one day



2 thoughts on “Lifting Log: Monday/Tuesday

  1. Thanks for the shout-out – you’re making me blush 🙂

    It’s so great you’re getting out there and giving weight lifting a shot. Don’t worry about those guys in the gym – most guys are just intimidated or not used to seeing women in the gym, so they don’t know how to behave. Keep your head down and they’ll leave you alone! Don’t be scared of the squat rack – it’s the key to a great workout!

    Can I offer some advice (now that I’ve crushed your warm-up idea, haha)? You generally want to start your workout with the most intense exercise, which is typically a squat or deadlift. Perform smaller, isolation type exercises at the end (such as calf raises, lat raises, bicep curls, etc). Doing romanian deadlifts at the start of your workout also has a high chance of injury, as your hamstrings won’t be warmed up properly.

    Also, make sure you’re doing all the exercises for one muscle group first. For example, in Monday’s workout, you should have done all the leg exercises first before moving on to the shoulder exercises. Also, I wouldn’t recommend squatting two days in a row.

    Sorry, I hope you don’t mind all these comments!! Just trying to help 🙂

    • I absolutely do not mind your comments – Critique away… I was wondering about doing legs/legs/legs, or legs/arms/legs.. In all honesty, I don’t know the actual order I did those workouts – thats how the app has them listed, but if someone is in my way, then i move to something else.. and sometimes i’m so intimidated by the move that I skip it and come back after i’ve worked up the courage. HA. … But, I will remember that I needs to do one muscle group at a time – maybe that will help me get over some of my fear. Most of the time i’m the only female, and it’s just so intimidating. I don’t know what I’m doing for the most part, and I feel like the guys are totally judging my form, or whatever.. Stupid, i know…

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