October Review

I wrote a check today (lol yes, I occasionally write checks) and when I wrote the date on it I was surprised to write November. I know it’s November, but GEEEEEZ where has this year gone? I swear it was just New Years!

October was a pretty good month – Chris was gone a lot, so that sucked, but otherwise it was good. We finally decided on a Realtor (even though the house still isn’t listed), and moved forward with some house projects.

I ran 72 miles and did 6 weights workouts (that’s pathetic). Ran 1 half-marathon, and ran my longest training run of 14.25 miles. 

and now, because I have nothing else to say about the month of October, I’ll just post pictures..

OCT collage 1

In October we had: beautiful sunrises, drank coffee outside, beautiful sunsets, long runs, went to Old Town, moved the dog crates and Diva got confused.


OCT  Collage 2

We had: good food, more long runs, spent time with friends, drank lots o coffee & went dirt bike riding

OCT collage 3

We drank more coffee, went to a wedding, finally got our clean eating subscription, and ate more yummy food.


I have a 5k Sunday morning – I’m a little nervous. My shins have been bothering me for the last two days. I took Diva & Wyatt for a walk on Thursday and they pull SO HARD! They pulled me for about 1.5 miles, and I think that led to a slight case of shin splits.

I currently have KT tape & compression socks on. I’ll run in the tape tomorrow, and see how it goes. I thought about not running, but I really want to… so we’ll see how that goes.


2 thoughts on “October Review

    • Hey! Ha, yep. I hacked off all my hair! Got sick of the length. It was getting to long, and difficult to maintain while running.. short hair is easier, but definitely makes for ugly race pics. you win some, you lose some..

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