lifting log: get out of the way, bro

I keep having random pain in my legs, which is preventing me from running. It’s likely that I’m just using the pains as excuses not to run… but I really do have these weird achy pains in my legs. So, needless to say, I haven’t run this week..again. … Sunday’s 5k should be interesting.

I think I’m just bored. Actually, Chris told me that he thinks I’m bored and that’s why I’m bouncing all over the place when it comes to working out.

One day I want to train really hard for my upcoming half marathons and the next day I could care less about running – I want to give Yoga a fair shot, but I already forked out money for a Y membership, so I can’t fork out another $90mth for a yoga studio membership. I want to run races, but I don’t want to train for them, and I won’t be happy running mediocre races all season.

Total first world problems happening over here.

I’m just taking each day as it comes – I’m doing whatever makes me happy on that given day..

In addition to participating in the Pile on the Miles Challenge (which I’m sucking at, BTW) I’m also doing a #plankaday challenge. I don’t know who, if anyone created it, but I saw it on Allie’s instagram feed so I thought “WTH, I can do a plank a day.. Only takes a few minutes.”

plankaday collage

My sister (Stacey), and friendy-friend Dana are also doing the #plankaday challenge! You should join us – You can post your times on instagram and use the hashtag #plankaday


I headed to the gym this afternoon around 5 – I was hoping that it wouldn’t be crowded… which it wasn’t, but there were 2 guys that were hogging 2 (out of 3) benches, and 1 of the curl bars, but all of the 10lb weights that go on the curl bars..

I did the parts of my workout that didn’t require the curl bar & bench, but dude(s) were still hogging them when I needed so I gave up and left.

What Is the etiquette here? Guy #1 had the curl bar sitting on top of the bench, and most of the time he was no where to be found. He was all over the gym using various machines .. He’d come back to the bench (WHICH HE WASN’T USING, except to set the bar on) do a few reps, then walk away again.

I was at the gym for about 40 minutes, and he did this the entire time. This is rude, right? It seems rude.

The other guy would just randomly sit on the other bench. He’d finish a set, sit on the bench for a few minutes.. do another set, walk around, sit on the bench, do another set..walk away… come back, sit on the bench. 

Despite those two weirdo’s, I still had a pretty good workout:

warmup: 5 min on stationary bike

DB bicep curl                                 5 x 6 (15lb)
DB Lat raise                                    5 x 6 (10lb)
DB front raise                                5 x 6 (8lb)
DB Shoulder press standing      5 x 6 (15lb)
DB shoulder press seated          5 x 6 (15lb)
standing barbell curl
cable tricep pushdown

I know I need to work in some lower body – but it freaks me out to do squats the same week I have a race. After this 5k I don’t have a race until Thanksgiving day.. so I can work on squats and other leg things -I need to do some research.  


Dang, it’s almost 12am… bed time.


One thought on “lifting log: get out of the way, bro

  1. I’m glad you are doing the plank a day too! You are right, its just a few minutes a day. I’m going to tell myself that when its later in the month 🙂

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