Lifting log: Upper Body

Happy November!

If you are participating in Monica’s Pile on the Miles, today is the first day! Don’t forget to get your miles in & then log them on the google spreadsheet.

It’s doubtful that I’ll be logging very many miles, but I need some sort of motivation to run. I’m just not feeling it these days and with a few half-marathons on my schedule I need to get some training runs in.

I want to race, I just don’t want to do the work that leads up to the race.


Wednesday after work I headed to the gym to do a little lifting. I found an upper body work out on that I felt confident about. There were a few exercises that involved the barbell … I’m not comfortable doing anything with a barbell right now so I googled dumb bell alternatives and felt more confident that I could (and would) complete the entire workout.

I don’t know if I was at the gym earlier, or if it’s because most parents were at home w/ their kids for halloween but the gym was dead.

The workout:

warmup: 1 mi run on TM (9:22)

Dumbbell bench press:                      3×8 1 @ 10lb, 2 @ 15lb
Bent Over two dumbbell row            3×8 10lb dumbbell
Seated DB shoulder press                 3×8 15lb DB
Barbell curl                                         3×8 30lb curl bar
Seated triceps press                         
3×8 15lb DB
pushups                                               3×5 on toes
Total Workout time was 37:16


Are you going to participate in Pile on the Miles?

Do you have a mileage goal for November, or simply just to keep moving?


One thought on “Lifting log: Upper Body

  1. way to get ur strength on. 😉 i don’t have any concrete monthly miles total i’m shooting for this month; i sorta do the same amount every day….lol…so i guess i could feasibly do the math and come up with a monthly total, huh?? does that make me math lazy?? 😉

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