random crap on a friday

This morning I was reading the latest issue of Shape and came across an article called Jet, Set GO! The article lists 4 airports and some neat features that they have for travelers passing through.

Did you know:

San Francisco Int’l Airport has a yoga studio – It’s located past security in terminal 2. The studio provides a few place to practice your poses, stretch out or simply unwind.

Chicago O’Hare has access to the Hilton Hotel Health club – Located in the basement of terminal 2. ($15/day).

Dallas/Ft.Worth has a tiled “LiveWell Walking Path which winds from Gate D6 to D40. Along the path there are two 55ft high staircases, and the path ends at a yoga studio.

Baltimore/Washington{Thurgood Marshall Airport} has an 11 mile bike path right outside the airport that travelers with bikes, or walkers can use.

Have you ever utilized any of these features at those airports? Any other hidden secrets at airports you’ve traveled through?

I rarely fly, and when I do I usually fly out of St.Pete or Sanford, both are very small airports that have flights that fly into very small airports. I do think it’s kind of neat that these airports are offering their travelers a way to relax during their travels.


Other random crap: I made pizza for dinner tonight and I realized, while rolling out the dough, that I hate it when pizza’s aren’t round. I mean, they don’t have to be perfect, but square pizza? That doesn’t even make sense.

I’m not going to complain if someone else is making the pizza, but If I’m making the pizza, the dough needs to be round..


uhm, I still haven’t run this week. I got up early this morning, went down to the bonus room where my treadmill is, walked for 1/4 mile, then tried to run …. my legs were like, “uhm, no. Nope, this isn’t happening so you might as well just stop.”

I made it 1/4 mile before I gave up. I stretched for about 30 minutes then called it good.

I did ride the stationary bike for 45 minutes when I got home from work today – it’s not running, but it counts for something. I also did a little more stretching.

I just checked the class schedule for the Y, and they have an hour long yoga class at 9am on Saturday, so I think I’ll go check that out.


nighty night















I’m stinking exciting to sleep in Saturday morning! I can’t remember the last time I didn’t wake up at 3:XX on a Saturday morning. It’s been a while. Chris has been out of town all week so I’m doubly excited that he’ll be home!

another fun fact: I’ve seen Chris approximately 8 hours in the last 20 days.. I’m SO over this month.


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