Lifting Log: Biceps/Shoulders

Only a few more days until my first half of the season – I really haven’t thought about it all that much; I don’t have a plan. I checked the weather – it’s not ideal. 70’s at the start, high in the 80’s . Oh well, I ran plenty of long runs in the ridiculous heat & humidity.. just another long run.

I  want to PR, but If I don’t, I won’t be upset – I have plenty of other halfs this season to set a new PR.halloween half 2012 medal


I went to the gym for the 2nd time today – I was a little more comfortable this time – I went at 4, so it wasn’t very crowded. Earlier In the day I downloaded an app called Lifting Log – I entered in the routine I wanted to do, and as I did each exercise I could enter the reps/weights into the app.

It was annoying to carry my phone around, but I haven’t figured out an alternative yet. I want to keep track of what I’m doing, and my brain is mush so I don’t trust that I’ll remember everything.

If you lift at a gym, how do you keep track of your routine? or do you?

Today’s workout:

warm up: 10 min on stationary bike to warm up {2.98 miles}

alternating hammer curls            3 x 8 15lb dumbbell
close grip EZ bar curl                     3 x 8 (I think the bar is 18lbs)
front lateral raise                           3 x 8 8lb dumb bell
single arm up-right row                3 x 8 15lb DB
push ups                                           3×8 (2 sets on toes, 1 set on knees)
shoulder press                                3 x 8 15lb DB
rowing machine                             
1000m 5:12

I am happy with my workout – Once I learn my way around the gym I think I’ll feel more comfortable trying some crossfit-esque lifting. I need to make a few friends so I can ask for help if I need it – I did have to ask a guy for help today because I couldn’t reach something on one of the cable machines (which I ended up not using anyways)..

This week I’m focusing mostly on arms because of the half-marathon this weekend, but next week I plan on working some squats/lunges into the workout.


Bed time.. I’m going to attempt to get up early and run before work ..


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