Ragnar Swagnar: Get Fitted! {+ a Asics giveaway}

I’ve been passed the Ragnar Swagnar baton and I’m ready to go!

I’m pretty excited about my post because it’s definitely something that I’ve dealt with in the recent pasty – Getting fitted for running shoes.. dun dun dun ..

If you’ve been fitted before then you know that there three kinds of gaits, neutral, over-pronation, and under-pronation {supination}. Runners World gives the following explanations for each of the three gaits:

 Neutral{regular pronation}: The outside part of the heel makes initial contact with the ground. The foot “rolls” inward about fifteen percent, comes in complete contact with the ground, and can support your body weight without any problem.

the foot rolls inward more than the ideal fifteen percent, which is called “overpronation.” This means the foot and ankle have problems stabilizing the body, and shock isn’t absorbed as efficiently.

under-pronating{supination}: the outside of the heel makes initial contact with the ground. But the inward movement of the foot occurs at less than fifteen percent – Consequently, forces of impact are concentrated on a smaller area of the foot (the outside part), and are not distributed as efficiently. In the push-off phase, most of the work is d

one by the smaller toes on the outside of the foot.

picture source

I am an over-pronator. My right foot over-pronates more than my left foot, which makes the fitting of shoes even more fun. My pronation is slight, so I don’t have to go with a heavy stability shoes, but I also can’t run in a neutral.

One of my worst nightmares is finding the perfect pair of running shoes, then the company changes the shoe and they are no longer the perfect pair – They are just a sad reminder of what used to be a fantastic relationship.

This happened with the Brooks Adrenalines. I wore the Adrenalines for 2.5 years, then, Wham! Bam! Thank you, Ma’am! They tweeked the shoe slightly and it no longer fits my foot, which leaves me in a state of sadness & annoyance.

Suddenly the 10 was to small, and the 10.5 were swallowing my feet. I went to my local running store to check out some other shoes that would work for me. I tried on every shoe for over-pronation in the store. I ran on the treadmill in every single pair. I settled on the Saucony Guide 5’s. If you’ve been reading long you probably remember the foot pain I was having in August & September – The guide 5’s were not a good fit for my feet. I ran over 100 miles in them and they just didn’t fit right. The pain I was having wasn’t something I could ignore.

Back to the running store I went – I decided to try the Adrenaline GTS 12’s {again} with superfeet inserts. I ran about 8 miles {on the treadmill} in them and I was still have the same pain in the top of my foot.

Back to the store – Thankfully one of the owners, Tracey, loves me (ha ha, she probably doesn’t after all this) – She humored me and let me try on all the shoes I wanted! She had one last pair for me to check out, the New Balance 860’s .. they were perfect! I actually tried these on the first time I went, but chose the Saucony’s … So now, I’ve run about 80 miles or so in the NB’s and I love them – they feel a lot like the Adrenalines. The best part, NO MORE FOOT PAIN!

Finding the right shoe is incredibly important if you plan on running for any length of time. I don’t just mean distance, I mean over months & years. Wearing the wrong shoe can lead to unnecessary pain and injury.

We spend a lot of time in our running shoes, don’t you want to be comfortable in your shoes & run injury free?

If you haven’t been fitted, and are interested, you can google “Gait Analysis {your town}” to find running stores that offer a gait analysis for running shoes.


I am giving away a pair of Asics Gel-Kayano 18 ($100 value).

Of course there are a few things you have to do {i didn’t make the rules, but I have to play by them} Humor me here..

To participate you need to click on that rafflecopter widget: {i’ve never used this widget before..}

Within the widget you will need to:
1. Answer the following question: Have you ever been fitted for shoes? Do you think it’s necessary?

2. Tweet the following: @RunnJRun is giving away a pair of Asics Gel Kayano. Enter to win at: http://lifeisbeachykeen.com @RagnarRelay #Swagnar

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4. Leave me your name/contact info .. (other participants can’t see this information)

All entrants will also be eligible for other prizes! 

The giveaway will close on October 13th @ 11:59pm.

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96 thoughts on “Ragnar Swagnar: Get Fitted! {+ a Asics giveaway}

  1. I have not been fitted for shoes before, but have have been fitted for ski boots, was pretty informative. I’d like to do it for my next pair of running sneaks!

  2. I was fitted a LONG time ago. I have since sort of figured out what works for me, but I probably should go get fitted again, or at least get confirmed that the shoes I use now are okay.

  3. I’ve been fitted a few times over the years and I definitely think it is worth it! The right shoe makes all the difference and really helps prevent injuries.

  4. I got fitted for shoes about a month ago, and I have no regrets. I used to have bad ankle pain after a run, but with my new shoes, I definitely have much less pain and it’s much more comfy to run!

  5. I have had a gait analysis done many times and was put in a neutral shoe with inserts. 3 years after running in the same shoe (which I loved) I fractured my foot. My doctor told me I was 100% in the wrong shoe and needed a stability shoe. He said that the specialty running stores do good work but they are not medical professionals so it is not a bad idea to go to a podiatrist or a PT/exercise science office (many offer the same service)! I would never have known. But I do love my new stability shoes – I have a normal pair and a lightweight pair as well!

    • OH NO! I’ve been fitted in 3 different running stores & they’ve all said the same thing.. i feel fairly confident i’m in the right shoe – but man, that is a scary experience!

  6. I do believe it is important to get properly fitted for running shoes. I have been fitted and still go in for a fitting when I feel something isn’t right with my current shoes.

  7. I have gotten fitted for shoes before. I think it’s really helpful to get fitted, especially if you do it at your local running store, where you can return/exchange the shoes if they just aren’t working out for you.

  8. I have had an analysis done but I don’t feel confident in the results considering he spent a whole 2 minutes from beginning to end. Going off that though, I have been running in asics for two years and just switched to to brooks . That was clearly the wrong choice, because now I am in pain! doh!

    • Oh no! If you call around you can ask if they do a treadmill analysis. The places i’ve been have you run on the treadmill and record you while you run. Then they play it back in slow motion and see how you land… My LRS is really good about this, they record every shoe I tried on.

  9. I’ve never been fitted, but I know I need a neutral shoe and k now what it feels like. Like you, I have one shoe I LOVE, but if I have to buy another one I try on just about every shoe in every store until I find one or two that work. When I do, I buy them out 🙂

  10. I’ve been fitted for running shoes several times. I think it’s 100% necessary. Not all shoes are the same, not all shoes fit the same. I wouldn’t want to be in a neutral shoe when I was over pronating. The wrong shoe causes lots of damage.

  11. I’ve spent lots of time running on the store treadmill but I haven’t been seriously fitted, at least not in a way that ended up with shoes my feet loved. At the moment I’m having great luck with Saucony and Mizuno!

  12. I was fitted for running shoes a few years ago after suffering from plantar fasciitis that was due to running with out the stability that I needed (I over pronate). Running in the proper shoe makes a world of differance! I would recommend every runner get fitted. I LOVE the Asics Gel Kayanos. I started w/ the 16s and run in the 17s now. They are my prefered running shoe, so of course I am all over this give a way!! 🙂

  13. 1. Answer the following question: Have you ever been fitted for shoes? Do you think it’s necessary?

    super important and i do it everytime i get new shoes awesome LRS

  14. Have I had a gait analysis done? Yep, numerous times! And do I think it’s necessary? Hell yeah. Sure there are the random people who don’t get them and do just fine but for the general running public I think its important.

  15. I did once years ago before I went to boot camp, only to get there and find out I had to send the shoes back home anyways because they issue you a pair, so I can’t really say if it helped. I know I should get fitted now that I run longer distances, but the only store I’ve found that does this isn’t in a convenient area, I need to take time to go though.

  16. I was fitted before I started training for my first half marathon (which sadly I didn’t get to run because I was an idiot runner and ran 13 miles the day before racing and placing in a 6k… hello IT band syndrome). Previously I didn’t think it was too necessary because I was only racing shorter distances. I love my Brooks Pure Cadence shoes though!

    • Aw man! I have an intimate relationship with my right IT band, she is so finnicky.. Lots of stretching & foam rolling keep her quiet.

  17. I have been fitted… I think that it is important if you are not neutral.. if you have a neutral landing then you’re fine.. but if you don’t you would want to know so that you can get the correct shoe!

  18. I just went to be fitted (~again) this morning! I think it’s essential. I went up a whole size (from the last time I was fitted) and into a new brand and style of shoe. My feet are happy again!

  19. I definitely think getting fitted for shoes is important, provided that the person doing it knows what they’re doing. You put a lot of miles on your feet. You need to take care of them.

  20. I was “fitted” but didnt have an actual analysis done. A guy at the local running store had to be walk a few steps then brought me a couple pair and said to go with what I felt were more comfortable.

  21. I’ve been fitted and found it to be very useful. I try to get re-evaluated every couple of years or if something has recently changed, such as recently having a baby and my feet grew.

  22. I have been fitted. Just recently actually. It has been so worth it. My knees don’t hurt anymore and I can feel such a difference in my runs.

  23. I just had a gait analysis done recently and I also have some over-pronation problems. I am probably due to go to the podiatrist for a new pair of running insoles before I attempt my next marathon. The Kayanos have gotten me through a marathon training cycle pain free and I’m looking forward to using them again as I attempt #2. I’d loooove to win! 🙂

  24. I have never been fitted and have never had any issues. Not even toenail loss:) I have trained for many half marathons and a full last year. I have wore Asics since high school (about 17 years now) and love them, especially the Kayano’s!

  25. I have been fitted a couple of times, but I always come back to the same shoe – Asics Gel Kayanos. They seem to work the best for my feet. I think it is important to be fitted, but also to have someone who understands that you need to find what works for you.

  26. Yes I have been fitted. Twice within a few months. 2 different sales people who recommended 2 different shoes both pairs are working well so far! Defiantly recommend an assessment at a well known running store.

  27. I was fit once and actually went back to be fit a second time after I had lost a fair bit of weight as I didn’t know if it had changed the way I run at all. They recommended the shoes I was already wearing – the very shoes that you are giving away — the Gel Kayanos!

  28. I have never had a gait analysis done, but I do feel it is necessary, especially for runners. I would like to have one done and we have several shoe/running shops locally that do them. Thank you for the great giveaway, these shoes look fantastic!
    Amie Olson

  29. I have not been fitted for shoes but I have had a PT look at my gait and how I run. If the shoe doesn’t feel right its probably not for you.

  30. I have been fitted for shoes before and yes it is super important… case in point I thought I knew everything and went out and bought my own pair of shoes once and bought the wrong kind, now they just sit around collecting dust because I only use them when doing getting dirty work! Poor shoes! I have had a gait analysis done and have found that I over pronate, in fact I was told that about 75% of Americans do… weird fact for you on a Friday!

  31. I was fitted for a pair of shoes and I think it has really made a difference in how I run. I don’t want an injury so I’m a fan of being fitted!

    • I agree, it was intimidating the very first time I went. I was a fairly new runner, and I had NO clue what to expect. Thankfully it was a small store and they were very nice. Take a friend and get it done 🙂

  32. Definitely helps to be fitted by someone who understands running. Worth it to go to a specialty store or seeing a certified athletic trainer. AT’s are well trained in injury prevention and part of that training includes proper equipment fitting. Spend the time upfront to avoid the injuries later on.

  33. Yes and YES! And after being fitted I had to try a few different pairs before I really found the ones I love! I had knee and arch pain until I tried the Kayano 18 and it all went away! I want these shoes!!!

  34. Yes! I’ve been fitted a couple different times and I think it’s one of the most important things you can do if you want to run injury free!

  35. I never have been fitted but would LOVE to be! I live in a small town though so I might have to go to the “big city” for that! Lol!

  36. I have not been fitted for shoes, but I went with my Mom so she could get fitted. I think it’s good to do. I learned that my shoes should be a bit longer.

    • YES! My shoes running shoes are way bigger than the regular sneakers I was wearing. Now when I put a pair of my old sneakers on I have no idea how I wore them. SO TIGHT!

  37. Yes, I had a fitting for shoes! It completely shocked me! I thought I was in the right size, and learned that I was in the wrong size and I actually have wide feet! Who would have thought? The next time I bought shoes I couldn’t remember exactly what they said about the type (cushion, stability, and ???) so I had them re-do it. Same size and everything the second time around also! Now my arches don’t hurt after runs (they were before, probably cause the shoe was to big so the arch support wasn’t in the right spot). I also learned the importance of getting proper insoles (something I learned they don’t all teach you!).

  38. I have been fitted for running shoes a few times and I think it is a must! It is always the first thing I recommend to new runners who are looking for advice.

  39. I have been fitted for shoes, in fact I have them fit me every time I buy a pair from my local running store. It always makes me feel better about my purchase, I have a neutral gait according to everyone that has fit me.
    I have never had one where they record you on the treadmill, though. That might be neat!

  40. I’ve never been fitted. I did a lot of online research before choosing my last pair and kind of worked out on my own what kind of shoes I needed. I wound up with the Brooks Ravenna. I have to say they are ok, not stellar like I was hoping for. I seriously wish I could wear Nike’s though, they come in sweet colors!

  41. i’ve been fitted for shoes three times. i just know that whatever i buy, they have to be gray on the instep (or whatever that’s called) or my feet hurt when i run. i hate that most stability shoes are fug 😦

  42. I’ve had my gait analyzed before and haven’t felt like it’s made any huge impact on my running. However, it’s done wonders for my wife and her ability to run comfortably. I would definitely recommend it to others.

  43. I’ve gotten fitted a number of times at various local running stores reputed to be good…but it took quite a few tries and a couple years until I found the right shoes for me. Fitting is useful to a point and helps you get in the ballpark of what kind of shoe might be for you, but I don’t think it’s the end all be all that it’s made out to be.

  44. Fitted yes…..OP. pain in knees went away with support shoes. Now just trying to find the perfect fit for my narrow feet. Would also like some more cushioning. Any good suggestions?

    • I also have narrow feet.. The adrenalines (before the GTS 12) were quite cushy & snug on my feet. IF you haven’t tried the adrenalines, check them out. They might work for your feet. The New Balance 860, which is what I’m currently wearing, feels nice and snug on my feet, and also has good cushioning. The Saucony Guide 5, which I did not like, but I know many people who run in them w/o problem also fit my narrow foot. I Didn’t feel like it has as much cushion, but you may like it. Good Luck!

  45. I’ve been fitted twice. The first time, I think it was done in 20 minutes, and though I found out later it was the “wrong” shoe, I had no pain until they started breaking down around 400 miles. The second time, I was with the person for over an hour, tried on just about every shoe they had, and walked out with what I thought would work. Now I’m not so sure. It seems like my legs feel so much worse after my runs, especially the lon runs, than they ever did in the other shoes. I think I’ll be going back soon to try out something else.

    I definitely feel that getting fitted is necessary. I have severe overpronation that require orthodics, so I can’t go with just anything. Besides, if you’re going to take up running, which puts a ton of pressure on your feet, you really want them supported.

  46. I’ve been fitted, found out i slightly over-protonate. It was a good experience to feel out the different types of shoes and understand what appropriate fit is in running shoes compared to everyday shoes.

  47. Yes and yes it is very important if you want to continue running!! I have been using the Kayano’s for a long time since the numbers were low, hard to believe they are up to 19!! We even tried this past spring a lessor supportive shoe and went right back to the kayano, nothing like them!!

  48. I have been fitted and I think it’s absolutly necessary. I love to shop at stores that let you try them out on a treadmill. I never leave the store until I am sure the shoes feel great.

  49. Yes! I have had my gait evaluated. It is very helpful to have a good trainer, someone who is really knowledgeable is key. I’ve been running injury free for two years and have done 4 marathons in the past year. I think the gait analysis, filming is the reason for that. Following recomendations, and see what works is key too. I think it would help many. Maybe not everyone but a lot!

  50. I have never been fitted, but I would like to be! Not sure if I think it’s necessary, but maybe I would change my mind after doing it. Not sure if my comment thing worked through the widget thing. 😦 So here is my comment!

  51. I’ve never been fitted because I’m a newer runner, but I’d love to try it! I think if you have trouble finding shoes that are comfortable it would be very important.

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