Life is Beachy Keen: Weekly wrap up

We’ll wrap up the week in a second, but first can we look at this picture:

He’s totally pouting because he’s stuck. This picture makes me laugh so hard.

There we go, now he’s a little happier!
Who knew dirt bikes could have training wheels?

moving on …..

Last week was pretty successful – I felt good, felt like I was getting into the swing of things.

I just took last week one day at a time, and did what I wanted to do. I think it worked out pretty well:

Monday: 2 mi run TM  + WOD
Tuesday: 2mi run TM + WOD
Wednesday: Rest  {I ended up getting home from work really late}
Thursday: 3mi TM
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 14.27mi run (8:32avg)
Sunday: “rest” aka painted & cleaned the house all day
Total miles: 21it’s probably bad that I ran more miles in one day than I did the rest of the week.



The wall isn’t actually white – the color is called cookies ‘n cream- it’s a darkish off white color.. I know, my description skillz are awesome! AND I know you are totally jealz of that outfit … I never left my house -okay, fine,  I did run to the gas station real quick,  but that store is full of shrimpers .. no one was looking @ what I had on .. PLUS I don’t care ..

After a million hours of painting I called it quits, and headed into the kitchen to make dinner… well, actually, Chris cooked burgers on the grill, I steamed some broccoli & green beans.

all day I’ve felt dizzy & just off.. I think I’m dehydrated from Saturday’s long run – I’ve been drinking water & gatorade like it’s my job for the last few hours, but I’m still feeling fuzzy.

After dinner I headed downstairs to my “gym” to get in some yoga. My hips are SO tight from my long run – I love love love this online yoga class – I swear, it’s so amazing. I feel totally relaxed once I’m done – so relaxed that I fell asleep during Savasana …. oops.


What’s on tap for this week:

Monday: 4 miles + WOD
Tuesday: 5 miles + WOD
Wednesday: 3mi + WOD
Thursday: yoga / stretching / foam rolling
Friday:  3 mi
Saturday: 10 or 13  – not sure yet
Sunday: Rest / yoga
Total miles: 25 or 22 …

How was your weekend?
What are your plans this week?


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