Let’s get this started

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Hanson-Dodge, the marketing group for Ragnar Relays, about participating in a Ragnar Swagnar Relay.

Basically there are 12 bloggers who will post about a variety of topics over the next several weeks. Each blogger has an awesome prize to give away. After the bloggers post & giveaway, they pass the virtual baton on to the next Ragnar Swagnar Blogger.

First up in the relay is Janice, the awesome blogger from Mom on the Run – Check out her post on how to pack for a relay race, and enter to win the {sold out} Ragnar Backpack that she is giving away.

You can enter Janice’ giveaway until October 10th at 12am. Then the baton will be passed to the next blogger. Stay tuned over the next few weeks for some great giveaways..

I’ll be receiving the baton at the end of the week, and I’m STOKED to reveal what I’m giving away! 


Last week I found this recipe for  Lentil stuffed pepper soup On Chelsey’s blog – We’ve had lentils once or twice and I wasn’t a big fan, but I really liked this soup so I thought I’d give them another chance.  I wanted to have a meatless monday dinner so I thought I’d use the rest of them up.

Lentil Veggie Bowl

1 green pepper, cut into slices
1 small zucchini, chopped
1/2 squash, chopped
1/4 red onion, chopped
1 cup Brussels sprouts, chopped
1 med sweet potato, chopped
1 cup lentils (2 cups water)
2 tbsp coconut oil

Verdict: meh. I don’t think I really like lentils all that much. They have no flavor, maybe I need to add some salt & pepper? The veggies were delish – I absolutely love veggies that have been sautéed in coconut oil.  How do you season your lentil dishes?


Yesterday was a huge day for marathoning & half-marathoning! If you have a race report, post a link in the comments! I WANT TO READ RACE REPORTS! I LOVE reading race reports!


2 thoughts on “Let’s get this started

  1. woot woot!! i’ve never run ragnar but have lots of friends tell me wat a BLAST it is! so i think it’s so cool they have modified the relay into a bloggy tag team…awesome that u’re taking part.
    and that meatless monday nosh is looking good, care to pass me a plate? 😉

    • I did Ragnar from Miami to Key West as a pacer, not an actual runner – it was a great time! I’ll send you all the leftovers, i’m not diggin’ the lentils.

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