21 hours

Friday at 4pm I text Shannon and said, “I think I’m going to meet you at 5 so I can get a long run in.”

My previous plans were to skip the run & start my day at the bingo fundraiser that I was helping out with .. But once I started to think about the day I was going to have, and the things I’d be doing – I decided a long run was in order. I NEEDED to get that run in if I was going to survive the day.

I got up at 3am on Saturday morning, ate breakfast, got dressed, and headed out the door to meet Shannon, Christina & Cynthia at Long Leaf where we would start our long run journey.

We ran a few miles in the community of Long Leaf then headed towards our normal Saturday run spot, Starkey Park. The park doesn’t open until 6:30, so when we arrived at 5:45 we had to come up with a plan B. We headed down the road a little ways to a 7-11 (so I could pee) .. 

it was so dark. Very few street lights. I had my headlight, and Shannon had a flashlight, but it was still so dark. I hate running in the complete dark; It makes me feel off balance – I also didn’t have my contacts in (bc I’m out) so that made me feel even worse..

Besides the darkness, and feeling off balance, I felt pretty good. It was insanely humid (surprise!) but besides that it was okay. I think the temp was 74 when we went out, 91% humidity … but that’s pretty much normal for Florida – I don’t think the humidity is ever going to drop – and the cooler temperatures are never showing up.

We will just be stuck in a place with hot & humid air forever. womp womp

When we returned to Starkey it was 6:40 & we already had 10 miles in – Shannon headed into the park because she still needed 12 miles (her last long run before MCM, woot woot!) but for cynthia, christina & myself; our plans were to run back to Long Leaf which was 4 miles from Starkey so we didn’t go in the park – we headed back.

I’ve only run 14 miles one other time. At Ragnar, at 3am.

Miles 11 & 12 were okay, 13 & 14 were a bit of a struggle. I had to stop twice and stretch my calves & IT bands. I was alone for the last 2 miles. Cynthia had pulled ahead, and Christina had fallen behind.. I definitely do not like running by myself in the dark. so spooky.

Fueling: I don’t know why, but every time I start at long leaf I forget to drink water. I wear a fuel belt, so I have access to water, I just forget. Yesterday was no different. I barely drank any water .. I took a gel at mile 5 (drank water then) & another gel at mile 10 (drank more water there) but besides that I think I had a sip of water maybe one or two other times.. Not exactly smart on a 14 mile run w/ 1,000,000% humidity.

oct 6 14mi run

Over all I felt pretty good, and I’m pleased with my run. I definitely needed to run Saturday morning !

Right after my run (I stretched a for a few minutes) then rushed home, showered, put on some pink, and headed to the Knights of Columbus where I helped with “Bingo to Save the TaTa’s” fundraiser. It was a pretty big success, the people around here LOVE their bingo!

I headed out of bingo at 1:30, rushed home, changed clothes again, then jumped in the car for the 2 hour drive to Davenport where we were having dinner with Chris’ Mom for her b-day. We ate dinner at Cracker Barrel.

I ordered the Chef Salad (which was HUGE) & a {plain} sweet potato. The salad was good .. it’s a salad, which I don’t LOVE, but it was fine. Chris’ cousin makes cakes professionally, so she had brought Annie {my mother in law} a cake.

IT WAS SO GOOD.. yes, yes, I had did have a little slice, and it was heavenly. The butter cream ….. oh mmmmm the butter cream, I could have licked it right off the cake, so good! and the chocolate cake.. YUM, so moist, so tasty!! Dare I say it rivaled Publix cake {which is the best cake EVER!}

After dinner we headed over to Kissimmee to Old Town – old town is the epitome of touristy.. white sneakers everywhere, fanny packs, the works .. but they have some pretty cool rides, which is what Ann wanted to do .. She did the slingshot & the sky coaster – neither of which my little butt would get on.

We {chris & i} left Old Town around 10:30 …. I finally crawled into bed at 12:15.. 21 hours after I had woken up for my long run.. LONGEST DAY EVER, but well worth it.


I think this might be the longest post, with the fewest pictures ever.


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