Do & Don’t

I made a list of “Do’s” & “Don’ts” for the month of October.

Things I want to do to try & take back control & better myself:

1. Do drink hot tea @ work
2. Do drink hot tea before bed
3. DO read a BOOK before bed – not blogs
4. DO drink a cup of water before every meal {Bob Harper says so}
5. Do be strong. You can be in control

6. Do pick up the house a little bit every day
7. do make the bed every morning
8. Do enjoy quiet time & a cup o’ coffee on the back patio

1. Don’t eat froyo
2. Don’t drink alcohol
3. Don’t drink Dr.Pepper {or any soda}
4. Don’t snack after dinner
5. Don’t drink coffee @ work (except for what you bring from home)



Now some Do’s for you:  Check out these blogs I’ve been reading recently…..

Running for Trevor
Sweat Like a Pig
One fit Foodie
Arty Runnerchik


Happy Friday


3 thoughts on “Do & Don’t

  1. I love that Do list. My biggest issue is stepping away from my phone and just letting myself unwind after a run or after work. I love the Don’t list too, but giving up my 1-2x weekly Dr Pepper is a struggle for me too!

    • Oh man, i LOVE dr. pepper! It was hard to give up, and most of the time I don’t miss much! Sometimes after long runs I indulge in a can, but I try hard not to drink it – I’m afraid i’ll fall back into that habit.

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