The blog has been kind of dreary this week, aside from Courtney’s post, I’ve been kind of down in the dumps – which I’m sure is pretty evident in my posts. 

So, lets start the weekend off right and talk about things that make us happy:

This morning I had to be to work at 7:45 (this does not make me happy), but what does make me happy is that my sister Facetimed me before my first patient came in & I got to see my nephew before he went to school! SO stinkin’ cute!


Thanks to gChat I talk to my sister every day. we shop together, we plan weddings together (she just got engaged!) gChat is thebomb.com

That snack! Doesn’t that look tasty! Apples & PB in a wrap! mmmm, yes please!! Although I think that maybe a LITTLE to much PB – it would still be tasty.

I’ve done something similar w/ greek yogurt and grapes. spread some greek yogurt out on a wrap, throw some grapes on , wrap it up – chow down. pretty tasty & easy to make.









both of these happened today. Pumpkin spice latte w/ soy milk – I think I had one last year, and I wasn’t a fan. Maybe this girl has perfected the art of the PSL because that joker was so good. I sucked the whole thing down while wandering around target.

After dinner Chris took me to get froyo, yum! I had orange froyo & cake batter… candy corn, gummy bears, snow caps, cookie dough bites, and jujubite things in there. mmmmmm


Eternal Optimist, by Essie – LOVE this color. so pretty, so calming.


I didn’t buy these, but they look amazing! I love candy corn, but I can’t be trusted with a bag – so I try to just avoid buying them.


this play list for my 5k tomorrow! I’m pretty pumped about this 5k. Not sure why, but I am.


What’s making you happy this weekend?


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