A great BIG thanks to Courtney from Chase Ford Endurance for putting up a great post yesterday. If you didn’t get a chance to check it out, you should. Even if you don’t Crossfit, she still has a great message.


I’m going to vaguebook right now: just a warning.

Something I’ve learned about myself : I need a plan in order to feel “in-control.”

Clarification: It doesn’t matter if things don’t go as planned, but having one makes me feel better.

When it comes to running, I know I’ve said 1 million times that I don’t love the rigidness of a training plan and this is true. I don’t… so it probably seems weird that I continue to layout my weeks in respect to running & WOD’ing.

I like to know that I have a rough outline for each day, but if it doesn’t happen as it’s written out, it’s okay – I can deal with that. With marathon training I felt like, if I didn’t stick to the plan  exactly as it was my training would suffer and Zomg!! I’d never finish the marathon.

so that is why I continue to “plan” my weeks. Maybe plan is the wrong word, but I need a loose outline for what my week will look like.

The same thing goes for many other aspects of my life, for which I can’t talk about in detail at the moment. (did you see that, I totally vaguebooked).BUT, there are things happening and I have no timeline and it’s giving me major anxiety.

Example of my absurd need to plan: When Jenny & I found out that we would be able to fly into D.C. last April and spend a day sightseeing in DC our planning OCD went into over-drive. Thank goodness for having a friend that ZOMGNEEDSAPLAN !! We spent hours on Gchat & google docs planning our 24hr DC trip.. It was crazy, but I find that planning brings some tranquility into my life… need plans. must plan.

Are you a go with the flow kind of person or are you a “I NEED A PLAN OR I’LL DIEEEEE” kind of person.


One thought on “vaguebooking

  1. omg, i HATE the vague FB posts!! it’s like, “please, can you stop trying to round-about make us all shower you with sympathy?!” haha.

    okay, i’m a planner with some things and not the others…sorry, as that is kinda vague. but i guess i mean with running a plan is a definite! 🙂

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