Life is Beachy Keen: Week in review



Good News: The A/C is fixed.

I do not talk about Chris to much on the blog {some parts of my life shall remain private} but I need to brag about him just a little bit right now. He is a serious Mr. Fix-it & I’m incredibly blessed to be married to such an awesome Dude. This weekend alone he took my cousin car shopping, worked on another one of MY family member’s homes, then came home and had to deal with our own home problems.

He was able to figure out WHAT was wrong w/ the a/c, then he was able to locate a dealer that sold the part we needed (which was covered under warranty, hallelujah) and make the repair himself. This cost us exactly ZERO dollars.

We even stayed in a hotel last night, which cost us nothing because {Thanks to Chris’ frequent traveling} we had a free night @ a Best Western – There is one conveniently located 8.8 miles from our house.



Okay, enough bragging. Let’s review last week.

You know sometimes you have good intentions, and then things happen, and you just can’t get it all done.

That is pretty much what happened last week.

I had really good intentions of WOD’ing at least 4 days, and then it just didn’t happen, but here is what I did do:

Monday:  REST DAY {family business to attend to}
Tuesday: WOD’d
Wednesday: WOD’d
Thursday: work meeting that went WAY longer than I was anticipating
Friday: WOD’d for Glen
Saturday: Rest day – spent the day w/ the family
Sunday: melted in my house all day long. working out was not happening.

So, what did I learn last week?

I need to get up earlier & work out in the morning. I’ve told myself this like 600x, but I just can’t do it.  I’m addicted to that snooze button.

What’s on tap for this week: Well, if all goes well, I plan on getting back to running, and back to WOD’ing, and back to eating clean.. {this weekend I fell WAY off the clean eating wagon.. like that wagon just left me in the dust…”}

Monday: 3 easy miles + WOD
Tuesday: 4 easy miles + WOD
Wednesday: WOD + bike
Thursday: 4 easy miles
Friday: total rest day
Saturday: 13 miles .. (yeah sure, take almost 2 weeks off then go run 13 miles.. sounds like a grand idea, right?)

Sunday: I’ll probably be dead from Saturday, so let’s just go ahead and say a rest day.

Any brags from the weekend? Can be your own brag, or about your SO! 

What are you’re workout plans for this week? Any new goals? 


3 thoughts on “Life is Beachy Keen: Week in review

  1. Cute new header! Don’t you love having a handy husband? Glad to see your AC is back! My workout plans for this week are mon-3 easy tues-circuit training wed- kickball & Yin yoga thurs- 6 miles tempo fri- performance & endurance class (if I wake up in time!) Day-to-day 10 miles. Sunday I will probably be in the same state of mind as you!

    • Thanks! Love the new header! Yes, I can’t imagine having to pay someone to do everything. Looks like a great week of workouts! I wish I had a gym membership so I could check out some classes. I’ve looked into a yoga studio here, but I just don’t love yoga enough to pay for a membership.

  2. I hate paying for yoga too! Right now I’m going to a studio free for a month. I got the coupon from going to a free class at lululemon. I wish I could keep going after this month but its expensive.

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