a post about nothing, nothing at all


Bad news bears: Our a/c is currently on the fritz. If you’ve ever lived in Florida.. Hell, anywhere that an a/c is practically required, you know this is super bad news.


It might be FALL where you live, but summer is still in full effect here and no a/c is not fun. I noticed this morning that the temp in the house was 76 despite the thermostat being set on 73.  We keep in on 72/73 at night while we are asleep, and bump it up to 76 when we are home all day. So I turned the thermostat up to 76, and the temp in the house continued to rise.


so here I sit, in the house, sweating, with no a/c. yeah, not how I wanted to spend my Sunday, but what can I do?

I had big plans to clean the house today, but cleaning in a closed up house w/ no a/c sounded like the worst idea ever – so I basically did nothing all day. I cleaned out a few kitchen cabinets, threw away some crap, but I definitely did not get done what I wanted to get done.

Here’s a few pictures from my day:

it was to hot in the house to even think about having something hot for lunch so I whipped up a ham sandwich and sliced up an apple. I am absolutely OBSESSED with sliced apples these days. Seriously, it’s dangerous.

There’s really no point to this post, but I have nothing else to do. Chris is sitting in the hall tearing apart the a/c. The dogs are laying on the floor wondering wtf it’s so hot in here.. I already attempted to take a cold shower, but that’s a whole other issue in itself.. Our water heater.. that’s all it does, is heat. We don’t have cold water in the bathrooms. so weird.

OH,  I do know something I wanted to ask y’all about. So, I’ve been wanting to change my header – to a non-made-by-me header and need a recommendation. I want something kind of cartoony..

something like this:


I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, because I’m an awesome artist – but that is me, running on the beach. A palm tree, and some water in the background.

IF you know someone who can make my dreams come true, that would be awesome.

Let’s all cross our fingers that we get this a/c issue fixed..tonight.


One thought on “a post about nothing, nothing at all

  1. There is very few things in this world that are worse than sitting in your own house sweating to death. Ick. Good luck with the AC.

    Blog headers stress me out…I spent hours on mine and I’ve been wanting to change it since the day after I put it up. Gah!

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