LIBK: Week in Review


I hope your weekend was restful & fulfilling. Our was packed with a bunch of nothing, which was awesome!


Sunday our fire alarm went off around 3 am. Chris smacked me and yelled, “BABE GET UP.” …to which I responded by laying in bed trying to figure out if I was dreaming.. Something is up with these dang alarms, they randomly go off, and they are SO LOUD. I’ve heard fire alarms plenty of times, but these are abnormally loud. I feel like they must be busting Diva & Wyatt’s ear drums with the shrillness of them.

obviously not yesterday, but it’s a storm, and it’s pretty.


Shortly after the fire alarm went off all hell let loose and the the thunderstorm of the year started happening. The house was shaking, literally shaking. I definitely had difficulty going back to sleep – not because I’m scared of thunder, but because it was just so loud.



Since it stormed the majority of the day I took the opportunity to relax in front of the computer and meal plan. I actually don’t mind meal planning when I have several hours to search for recipes. Last week I  pinned a few things on pinterest that I wanted to make, so I went back and checked the ingredients on those, wrote down what I needed and moved on to more searching.


This week I tried to find meals for which I already had the majority of the ingredients in my kitchen. Last week chicken was on sale @ Publix so I grabbed a few extra packages & stuck them in the freezer for safe keeping, but we are kind of chicken’d out around here, so I wanted to find some non-chicken recipes.


First on the list was something to use up an eggplant I bought last week that was on it’s way out if I didn’t use it quickly. Last week while searching for dinner on the Clean Eating Magazine website, I found this eggplant linguine dish, I thought it would be perfect for Sunday night. I checked the ingredients list, and all I had to buy was some turkey sausage. perfect. Sunday’s dinner was decided.


Here is what I picked out for the rest of the week – in no certain order:


Spicy baked falafel sandwich w/ homemade tzatziki   with Broccoli salad


New Orleans Red Beans & brown rice


Zucchini, Black bean & rice skillet    ( I plan on using quinoa instead of rice)


Sweet & Sour Chicken w/ healthy fried rice


Stuffed bell peppers



ESL collage














Sunday night I made the eggplant, sausage linguine and it was spectacular! I really felt like it was something you could order from an Italian restaurant, it was THAT good.. I’m not a Chef by any stretch of the imagination, but this recipe was just so flavorful, and delicious. There are red pepper flakes, and apparently I really love red pepper flakes because it gave the dish this wonderful spicy flavor. Oh so good!


Although I did not run much last week, it was a pretty great week for working out:

Monday : 4 mile run
Tuesday: WOD + 30 min bike ride

Wednesday: 30 min bike ride (AM), 60 min bike ride (PM), WOD
Thursday: Yoga for runners (45m in)
Friday: 30 min bike ride (AM) + WOD
Saturday: 8mi run, 8:09/avg
Sunday: total rest day


I would prefer to run at one to two more days during the week, but considering my foot has been misbehaving I’ll take the miles that I was able to get in. I’m not sure this week is going to be much better mileage wise. After Saturday’s run the top of my left foot was slightly sore – when I took my shoe off there was a red rub spot where the shoe was putting pressure on my foot. I just don’t think it’s wise to continue wearing the inserts since they seem to be elevating my foot causing it to push into the top of whatever shoes I have on, so I’m going back to square one to find shoes that i can wear w/o inserts. I spoke with Tracey, and she has an idea for a shoe that may work, so we’ll check it out again on Friday. This weeks runs will probably be limited to whatever is required for the WOD. Maybe a few miles on the treadmill in old adrenalines (do as I say, not as I do…)


Only 12 more days until the first day of Fall.. not that i’m counting down, but c’mon already. I need some cool air in my life!


One thought on “LIBK: Week in Review

  1. I hope fall weather comes your way soon! I don’t really mind heat, its the humidity that is killer! I hope your foot feels better soon, hopefully new shoes is all that it is (I saw you still aren’t 100% sure on what dr said).

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