Saturday ramblings


Yesterday I went to the Orthopedic Dr and had my foot checked. All is well with el foot. He said I have a “tarsal boss” which is basically just a bony process. According to the Dr, some people choose to have them shaved down. Uhm, I think I’ll just try to find shoes that don’t bother it, thanks.



After my Ortho appointment I headed over to my local running store (shout out to Suncoast Running) to try & find some shoes that don’t torture my “tarsal boss.” That makes me laugh.. anyways, poor Tracey was nice enough to help me find shoes…again. We decided to try the Adrenaline GTS 12’s again w/ the super feet insert. I tried them on, ran on the treadmill, and liked them. They felt good.


I tried on a few more pairs, but decided to just go back to the Adrenalines.

so pretty!

Since the Dr. said my foot was fine, I decided to head out with the Striders for a long run. Originally I was going to do 8, then Friday night I decided on 10, then 4 miles into the 10 I decided 8 sounded like a better plan after all. I was really struggling (although my pace does not show this). The air was THICK. Shannon mentioned the forecast showed 97% humidity..that is disgusting, and horrible. Is it Fall yet?

My legs felt tight, and my heart felt like it was going to explode out of my chest. 8 miles was the right decision.




At the 4 mile turn around Chris (not my Chris.. friend Chris from running group) said he was going to take it easy on the remaining 4 miles. YAY! Then, in the last mile, he says, “let’s run an interval back. the faster we run, the faster it’s over.”  Uh, sure? I ran 1/2 mile, stopped to walk, then Chris got up with me and we sprinted the remainder of the final mile…. that is why you see our last mile at 7:42, if it weren’t for Chris, I can assure you that last mile would have been a 9’er. I was beat. It was hot, and I was SO over it.



you didn’t actually think I was going to go an entire post w/o putting up a completely ridiculous picture, did you?

c’mon, you should know me better than that.

Reflections on the run: I was happy to be running for the first 4 miles, then I don’t know what happened, but it just started to suck. I don’t think I went out to fast, I’ve had several sub-8, 8 mile runs. It was really humid – I’m not even exaggerating. It was gross. I haven’t run a whole lot over the last 3 weeks. I only ran once this week, and that was on Monday. My legs are also a little beat up from the WOD’s this week.
Overall, I’m content with the run. 8:09avg is nothing to scoff at, that’s a great pace.
But seriously, I’m over the heat, and I’m ready for some cold weather. Not cool weather, COLD.



After my run I wasn’t feeling so hot. I came home, showered, and crawled in bed. I slept for 2 hours, and now I’ve spent the rest of the day curled up on the couch. That’s a pretty awesome Saturday if I do say so myself!

Chris is about to grill some chicken wings.. yes, I know they aren’t clean. No, I don’t care. I WANT HOT WINGSSS!

Do you want to brag about your weekend workout? Or any work out from this week?

Go ahead, do it here! I want to hear about your fantastic workout. Or if your workout sucked, you can whine about that too.

5 thoughts on “Saturday ramblings

  1. Glad that everything checked out okay with your foot! I am sure some new shoes will do the trick. If not.. new shoes are awesome anyways. But they should help!

    Even though the last four miles of the run weren;t your favorite… you still knocked out a damn good pace. Sometimes, I miss training for a race. But I know with my schedule right now it just isn’t possible.

    No all star workouts for me.. I am just proud that I got them all in since I am adjusting to a new grade, new schedule, and a new curriculum/

    • Shoe shopping is stressful! AH! I’m not 100% convinced with the diagnosis I Was given – I don’t think I have a stress fx, but after researching some this weekend I’m not sure about what the Dr said.

  2. Uh, with 97% humidity anyone would have a hard run. I think it is completely awesome that you kept such a great pace!

    At this morning’s run group a few ladies were talking about how ‘meh’ the run felt and mentioned how humid it felt. I checked my phone. It was 27% humidity. I, personally, didn’t even feel it but apparently they thought it was sticky…I thought you’d enjoy that!

    My brag…I ran almost 7 miles today. Thats a big deal for me. The most since the marathon. I ran 2.8 with the group this morning and roughly 4 this afternoon while Chris was mtn biking. Go me! 🙂

    • 27% humidity? That doesn’t even count as humidity, I honestly don’t even know what that would be like. I’m going to keep track of the humidity during the winter and see what it’s like. I bet it doesn’t get that low. I’m jealous – i’d probably die in colorado.

      Nice job on the 7 miles!

  3. I also have the purple Adrenalines…I love them! I may have also picked up a pair of Brooks shorts last weekend that match said shoes (hey, they were 40% off…and are super cute. They just also happen to match my shoes :D).

    And then I wore said purple Adrenalines and matching shorts for 10 miles of rainy fun yesterday morning…and by fun, I mean not really fun at all. While it wasn’t humid, the skies did open up about 30 seconds into the run and didn’t really stop until about an hour after I got home. Times like that, I’m glad I run with a group because hey, misery loves company right? Plus, I so would have turned around and gone home if I had been by myself. So my brag is that I actually ran the whole thing.

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