Friday Food: Athlete Edition


Several weeks ago I saw an article in the HuffPost featuring a “day in the life” article of a well-known blogger (well known to me anyways). I found the article disturbing: So much working out, so little food, and almost no real food. There was a lot of processed junk, and not much else.

I thought it was a horrible showcase of eating habits; This person has a lot of followers – a lot of people who probably look up to her, and while I understand the blogger  didn’t “ask” for people to look up to them – they kind of did when they put their life on a public blog.


This isn’t the only place that I’ve seen bad eating habits displayed. You know as well as I know that there are tons of blogs out there who showcase bad eating habits or disordered eating… , but claim to be a “healthy living blog.”

I don’t claim to be perfect, and up until a few months ago I didn’t really even know what “healthy” eating was, and I still struggle..daily.  — I just wanted to show some healthy eating habits.

Without further adieu, here is our first post from Jenny! ,


Hey everyone, I’m Jenny from Motivational Miles


I blog mostly about my training and racing but I very rarely mention what I eat to keep me moving. So when Jena asked me to be one of her Food Fridays guest bloggers, I jumped on the chance! The typical disclaimer: I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist, I eat what works for me, consult with your doctor about dietary changes, etc.


A quick background so you know why I eat the way I do: For this marathon training cycle my training includes running [obviously], CrossFit-style strength and conditioning with FitCrewand cycling. The day I chose to document my meals is one of my 2-a-days [two workouts in one day] where I run on my own and WOD with FitCrew. I follow an 80/20 Paleo diet with dairy eliminated except for whey protein.



6am– Pre-run was high quality H2O and a Paleo protein waffle with almond butter and organic strawberry preserves:




I aim to complete my Friday runs at a pace about 30 seconds slower than my marathon goal pace [GP- 8:59]. The splits of my 5 miler:



7:30am– To help with glycogen replacement I drink Hammer Recoverite [mixed with almond milk and water] after some of my runs, which has a 3:1 carb to protein ratio. Since my weekends are packed with endurance training I drink one of these shakes after my Friday runs to make sure my legs are ready for my long Saturday rides. I think it’s important to note here that I’m not just fueling for today but also for tomorrow. Also inhaled after my run was a banana, coffee and lots of water!





I had a little over an hour to digest and then it was off to FitCrew for a 9amWOD:





10am– Lots of water before, during and after training (pink bottle) and a Whey protein shake [mixed with water] for after:




Noon– Lunch consisted of steamed broccoli [It’s better to eat it raw but with braces I have to steam], white rice [again, preparing for my weekend endurance workouts], 2 over-easy eggs and some sautéed red onion. Eggs and onion cooked in coconut oil, a great source of healthy fat.




3pm– I ate a Builder Bar during doggy nap-time:





6:30pm– Dinner was shredded chicken lettuce wraps with roasted asparagus and [baked] sweet potato fries.





I always try to make sure I have a protein source in most of my meals to keep my muscles happy and my hunger satisfied. Fruits and veggies are always included throughout the day and carbs are thrown into the mix as well. I’m obviously not perfect [looking at you, Builder Bar] but this diet lifestyle is what I have found after years of experimenting and learning what works for me. I feel healthy, happy and strong!



We’ll be back next Friday with another athlete & some healthy eating habits. Eating nutritious food doesn’t have to be difficult. Protein, Veggies & fruit make up a healthy diet. 


3 thoughts on “Friday Food: Athlete Edition

  1. I will forever be impressed by runners and athletes who put a lot of thought into their food. I know if I did I would be better at running/life/everything but I just can’t get myself to do it. I’m aware of what I eat, but I definitely don’t think about it as much as I should!

    {Now I want to know who was in HuffPost…}

  2. Awesome post! Thanks for sharing your food intake for the day, Jenny!! So, Jena, who was the post about in the HuffPost?? Can’t leave us hanging 😉

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