I went running

Whoa. I went running. how amazing. {sarcasm}


After work on Tuesday I was in a really crappy mood. Not for any particular reason, I just was. I sat at the kitchen table and pouted for approximately two hours. I listed 7,000 reasons why I didn’t want to work out.

There was a pity party going on in H-Beach & I was the guest of honor.

At 6:30 I decided working out wasn’t happening so I started dinner.
At 7 dinner was done…  by the time dinner was done, I had gotten over whatever it was I cranky about and decided that I actually did need to run.

I found my iPod, strapped my garmin on, and headed out the door.

ahhhhhh bliss.


it felt SO good to be out on the street running…. the only annoying thing was that some of the streets were flooded so I couldn’t go all the way down them.. such is life when you live on the coast I guess.

I managed to get in 4.15 miles with an 8:46avg.


No foot pain! A little discomfort when the tongue of my shoe would slide over, but besides that my feet felt great… I will admit I ran in my old adrenalines.again. I just don’t know what to do about the Saucony. I hate to give up on them… and I really don’t want to have to find a new pair of shoes.

I’ll give them one last shot this weekend on my 10 miler and if I have any pain then I’m breaking up with them. I’ll give them to Jenny,  then I won’t be tempted to run in them.


This morning I woke up with some weird R calf pain {seriously, I’m falling apart over here} so I have my PRO compression sleeves on in hopes that it will stop hurting by tonight. I’m sick of hurting. This is crap.

ah yes, my orange crocs. Don’t judge me. I can’t walk around barefoot. ick


2 thoughts on “I went running

  1. First, I absolutely love those bright yellow socks!

    And second, when its all stormy and flooded down there how the heck do you drive from point A to point B with a lot of closed roads? Like, if you are going to get groceries do you head out, find a closed road, turn around, find another closed road and eventually get to where ever you’re headed? Or do you just stay home?

    • The ‘hood where I live “floods” so that I can’t run through it, and MY car could potentially have trouble driving through some spots, but it’s never bad enough that Chris’ truck can’t get through it. The roads I was running on that were flooded were only flooded in certain spots, and probably only a few inches – so i could have run through it, but i’m not a fan of soggy feet.

      There are some places south of us that had a lot of flooding issues when Tropical Storm Debbie came through. Tampa & Clearwater also had a lot of flooding and major roads closed.

      For us, if the main road ever really flooded to where we couldn’t get out, we’d just have to stay home. There is only one way in & one way out. It would be a bummer – to my knowledge, that has only happened once in the last 14 years. They call it the “No name storm of 1993.” People woke up and there was water 2 – 8ft high.

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